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Cooking For a Crowd

 This week the 4 Moms are sharing recipes and tips on cooking for a crowd, and by crowd, I mean feeding my family of soon to be 10. For company, I use my old stand bys and double them. If you have a "normal" size family, you can still use these recipes, but you'll want to cut them in half or plan on eating the same meal all week.

I generally like to go with casseroles or one dish dinners for a company size crowd, since I can make my budget stretch more with additions of rice or pasta.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

  • Fall Fry
  • Be sure to check out what recipes the rest of my 4 Moms, 35 Kids team use for crowds!

    And NOW it's your turn! What recipes do you have up your sleeve when it comes to cooking for a crowd? Enter your link below and it will show up on all 4 Moms' sites!

    Remember to link to the specific post with your recipe and please, provide a link back here so your readers can share in the fun!

    1. Smockity Frocks
    2. Raising Olives - Lentil Chili - Cranberry Roast - Stroganoff
    3. Raising Arrows {Lunch for a Bunch}
    4. Phoebe @ GettingFreedom(Baked Beans for a Crowd))
    5. Amy @ Finer Things (Cavatini and more)
    6. Anita (cooking for a crowd or the freezer)
    7. DHM, cooking for a crowd
    8. Cyndi L. (Inside out turkey cheese burgers)
    9. KimC (pudding, bread, enchilada sauce)
    10. Cooking for the multitudes (Balancing Beauty/Bedlam)
    11. Linda @ Gluten-Free Homemaker (Mexican Lasagna)
    12. Plymouth Rock Ranch (Whole Wheat Pumpkin Spice Waffles)
    13. Betty-
    14. Alicia's Homemaking--Bean and Sausage Stew
    15. Milehimama (Tips to stretch food and Swiss Steak)
    16. HoosierHomemade{Homemade Meatballs}
    17. Girls and sunflowers (dressing for the masses!)
    18. Gwen T
    19. Raising a Quiverfull (Shredded pork tacos)
    20. Empty the Pantry Casserole
    21. Big pot of yummy Lentil Stew @ Every Precious Joy
    22. Vickie (Crock Pot Burritos & Lasagna
    23. Amber (Plaza III Soup, Potato-Cheese Soup)
    24. Dewey's Treehouse (White Vegetable Lasagna)
    25. NerdFamily Food (Chicken, Spinach and Corn Enchiladas)
    26. Angela @ Blissfully Single
    27. Mrs. Hearts
    28. HoosierHomemade{Make-Ahead Meals}
    29. Kitchen Stewardship - 4 kinds of Pasta Salad for a Crowd
    30. Olivia@Of Such is the Kingdom (Pasta Salad)

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    1. Thanks for posting these—-they look great! One *ignorant* question: in your recipe for chicken spaghetti, it calls for one “can of milk”; is this evaporated milk? Thanks! :-)

      • Smockity Frocks says:

        @KatieS, I just use the empty soup can and fill it up with milk, but now that you mention it, evaporated milk would make it creamier! Yum!

    2. The Chicken and Dumplings sound good! I need a good dumpling recipe, I’ve never made a good dumpling in my life :-)
      Thanks for hosting!

    3. I linked to an old post because it’s my biggest recipe. :)

      We love dumplings here! My hubby had never heard of them before he married me. My dad grew up in ND and apparently in his family they were a regular meal. I don’t do the broth from scratch though- canned Campbell’s Healthy Request Chicken Noodle is what I use! LoL! I water it down alot or we’d have to buy stock in Campbells (I use one can watered down for just us, 2 cans watered down when we have a small family for company, and when we’re at my parent’s house and the gang’s all there it’s 3 or 4 cans). I’ve never used Bisquick for the noodles though- I use a wetter version of a basic egg-noodle recipe. Such good memories! The most time consuming part of dumplings is spooning them into the broth: I remember as kids the whole family would take turns dunking dumplings until the dough was all in. My sister uses CREAM of chicken soup for hers now, but my hubby doesn’t like it that way as much because the flavor doesn’t cook into the dumplings as much if the broth is thicker. The watered down chicken noodle soup for some reason works really well because it gets sucked into the dumplings and makes them taste really good. That’s just the way we like it. Nobody around here has ever heard of dumplings. They call biscuits on a casserole “dumplings” and I remember as a kid thinking, “THAT’S not dumplings! These poor deprived people need to taste some REAL dumplings!” 😉

    4. Thanks for doing this! I will definitely be looking at others’ recipes for ideas.

    5. Hi, yes this post is in fact fastidious and I have learned lot
      of things from it about blogging. thanks.


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