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Tutorial Tuesday: Simple Books Children Can Make

Here is a tutorial on simple books children can make.

The supplies you will need for this project are:

(Scroll down for further explanations and photos.)

The marks I made on the folds of the paper weren't as visible in the video as I would have liked, so I'm including some photos here and some further explanation.

The measurements don't matter as much as that the center cut and the outer cuts must equal the length of the fold. For instance, if you make the center cut 4 inches, then each cut on the outer edge must be 2 1/4 inches to equal the 8 1/2 inch length of the fold.

I just place the folded paper in a stack, so I can be sure that the outer marks meet the inner mark. No measuring necessary.

An adult should fold and mark the pages for young children.

Remember, more "tubes" of "outer cut" pages can be put inside the "center cut" page for a longer book. This must be done before the gluing step.

Here are some examples of different configurations of lined paper your child can put in his book.

Be sure to check out my video on how children can make simple pop up books!

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  1. I remember making these in first grade with Miss Gibson who married my third grade teacher and became Mrs. Laundry! Thanks for the trip down memory lane – and what a cute assistant!

  2. That was so neat! Kent was grinning at Adrienne whenever she would smile at the camera. We will have to make some books soon.

  3. This is a great project. My daughter would love it! Thanks!

  4. So cute! :) My little ones will love doing this! Would be a great way to catalog their Easter festivities this year! Yay! (My hubby thought it was a good idea too! Lol)

  5. Connie, you’re awesome! I just love, love, love your vlogs! :)

    I loved your assistant too! Too cute!

  6. Love this idea! I am going to have to give it a try with my little one!

  7. Hey, that roll-y trick is very clever! Love the tutorial Connie! :)

  8. Your assistant is a scene stealer, so I see why you kept blocking her with your book.;-)
    I loved it when she lip synced “PINK!” when you called her paper red.
    I also love this idea- I have never seen books done this way. Very cool.

  9. My children LOVE making books–this is perfect!

  10. What a great idea! I’ve never seen one of these before, will be storing up that idea to use in future. Thanks x

  11. Neat! No staples required! :) I used to just sew down the middle with a needle and thread when I was a kid- the downside was all the times I stabbed my fingers trying to push a needle through that many sheets of paper at once. Of course I had to have alot of paged in my books so I made it harder for myself. :)

    And seriously how is it that quiet in your house? I only have 2 kids and it’s never quiet here unless they are both asleep!

  12. What a neat way to make a book. We need to do these with our nature journals!

  13. Love your site! Found your through Kingdom First Mom! Just wanted to say hi…can’t wait to explore your blog further, adorable kiddo activity idea!


  14. I love this! I think my kids would love the rolling the paper/cutting along the “magic” lines trick and seeing how it transforms into a book. Very cute!

    Thanks for the video – you and your lovely assistant did a fabulous job! We’ll be making some of these :-)

    Best Wishes, Kara

  15. Really neat! My older artists love to make coloring books for the younger children, but we’ve usually just stapled “booklets” together. These are MUCH nicer and would make great gifts, too, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I just made one of these for my oldest and he thinks he’s the luckiest boy in the world now. So fun. I can’t wait to see more tutorials. :)

  17. Thank you for this tutorial! You have no idea how much tape you just saved me! My kids have been taping pages and pages of paper together. I can’t believe how simple this is. Would you mind if I linked to this?

  18. Thanks for idea! Super fun


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