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Shooting Dogs

Do you have a problem with dogs begging at the dinner table?

We don't... anymore.  We used to have a particular problem, when we had a baby in a highchair, with our dogs rearing up and trying to steal food she had dropped in her seat.

Our solution?

Let the children take turns on guard with a Nerf gun.

Simple. Fun.

Works For Me!

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  1. I found my rubber band gun the other day. It might come in handy with teaching the cats what’s ok/not ok with the new baby.

  2. Great idea! We tried a water gun, but that got a little messy, since our older son was not a very good shot.

    I’m off to the toy shelf to find a Nerf gun! Thanks!

  3. Necessity is the mother of invention. : )

  4. I just laughed hard when I read this post! It sure is a great idea! You do what works. It looks as if your daughter enjoyed it.

  5. Humane animal cruelty. I love it. Does this work to curb the begging and drooling too? …does it work on kids?

  6. this gave me quite the chuckle. My son just got a new nerf gun at the Walmart toy clearance sale and I fear if I showed him this post, he’d beg every day for a dog now, just to try it, lol.

  7. I wonder if this will work for cats too…

  8. You are too funny!!! I am passing this post on to my mother in law.

  9. Love it! Gonna have to try it! :)


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