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Now I’m Scared

Have y'all seen the news story about people being arrested for overdue library books? No joke!

So... who all will come visit me in the hoosegow?

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  1. I’ve really YET to find a good military library, but the plus side is that they don’t charge fines! Sure, they’ll post some notices and maybe get your husband in trouble, but no fines! :)

  2. I’ll be in the next cellblock over. 😉

  3. Wow! I live in Colorado, I’d better be careful. I actually have some books due TODAY!! Better get them turned in!

  4. Get out of town!!!! That’s scary and a bit ridiculous. Thankfully ALL my books are turned in but I do have a fine…sigh.

  5. I can’t sleep at night when my fine gets above the 50 cent mark! I guess being married to a Librarian has it’s advantages – he can always drop our books off for us – but he doesn’t pay our fines! We have a large dedicated library book basket and the books and videos NEVER leave the family room area until they go back in our book bags and are returned. On Fridays after our library visit we all hang out in the family room reading – it’s a tradition!

    • @Heather, I love that tradition! Anything that promotes family time or promotes reading is great, and this one is both! If my kids weren’t grown and gone, I’d start this!

  6. My books are always late too! I have some at home now….and I know they are getting close.

    I’m laughing because we use that slang all the time. It’s funny to see it actually written on a blog! lol!

  7. Although we usually return our books on time, we check out so many books at once (often 30-40) that if we are just one day late – it really adds up! We like to think that help keep the library well-funded….. (as if our tax dollars aren’t already doing that : )

  8. Connie, you have a way of making me laugh! I love it! thanks for making my day!

  9. i will bake you a cake with a file in it…

  10. I won’t have to visit, because I’ll be your cellmate. Yikes.

  11. LOL! My sister will be in the jail with you then!

  12. Oh no!! I got a $120 bill for overdue library books a few months ago! I told them I was going to dispute it because I don’t think I checked out all but 1 of the books, but I have yet to send in the letter. Maybe I should get to that… 😉 My hubby has banned me from ever going to the library. LOL


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