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Get Ready For More “What’s In Your CrockPot?”



Are you ready for more CrockPot recipes?

"What's In Your CrockPot?" will now be a monthly feature on Smockity Frocks, appearing on the first Saturday of every month.  So, get those CrockPot recipes ready, because one week from tomorrow you'll be able to link up!

And by the way, some of you have asked about my CrockPot up there in the photo. It is called the Crockpot SCRBC759-PS Trio Slow-Cooker Server and you can buy your own by clicking on that link.

Which reminds me. I'm dying to know. Do you call it a "CrockPot" or a "slow cooker"? I have noticed there is a definite opinion on the matter and I would love to see which term is most popular.

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  1. I think of ‘crockpot’ as the brand, so if you have that brand then it’s fine to call it a Crockpot, otherwise, for me, it’s a Slow Cooker! 😀

  2. Someone told me once that we Southerners refer to items by their most popular name brand (Coke, Kleenex, Crockpot, Dustbuster, Frigidaire, etc), while those crazy Yankees call a thing by it’s official name (soda, tissue, slow cooker, pint-sized vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, etc). Now I’m not sure if that’s completely true, but my family sure does fall on the Southern side of the equation – and my grandmothers more than we do.

    It’s interesting to think about!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Harmony, That makes perfect sense! I was nodding my head for every brand you listed and snickering at the thought of using the “official” names.

    • @Harmony, Very interesting thought :) Here in Michigan we have pop/soda, kleenex, crockpot, dustbuster, and fridge -so a little of both at our house I guess 😉 but I also know people who use tissues and crockpots! We also have shopping “carts” instead of “buggies” but I guess if you are using them to “cart” children through the store “buggy” is a fine name too! (Strollers are called “buggies” or “prams” in England) Yes, I call mine a crockpot even though it isn’t 😉

    • @Harmony, crazy Yankees! *giggle*

    • @Harmony, I guess I’m completely clueless. I had no idea Crockpot was a brand name. I have always called it a crockpot. I suppose that’s why spell check picks it up. I do call the little portable vacuum thingy a Dustbuster, tissues are called Kleenex, and cellophane tape is Scotch tape. Very funny.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I have always called it a crock-pot, even though it normally really bugs me when people call stuff by popular brand names ie. calling tissues kleenex.

    Also, my mom calls french-fried onions “durkee fried onions” and they don’t even sell that brand in stores around here! Must be a southern thing

  4. I’ve always called it a crock pot, even though the brand is “rival”. And I say “fridge” and “Kleenex”, even when it’s not that brand. I do say “soda”, though. And people up here in north WI say “bubbler” instead of “drinking fountain”.

  5. I’ve always called it a crock pot (and I don’t know why 😉

  6. I’m sorry to hear that people are rude and judgemental about you and your opinions. Some people can be really obnoxious and clueless about tact. I personally think you’re fabulous. I love your posts, opinions, and your family. You rock Connie.

  7. Happy Birthday tomorrow to MaddieLynn! Yeah for March 27th birthdays!!!!

  8. Just to add to my post above, I actually live in the UK, so here everyone says slow cooker, not just me, Klennex get called ’tissues’, but a vacuum cleaner always gets called ‘hoover’ by pretty much everyone! The first time I came across ‘crockpot’ recipes was on a US recipe site.

  9. I don’t know who is saying what but I for one love your blog and your humor and value your warm and genuine nature. We all know there are some people on this planet who could well use a Bible and mirror.

    I’ve always called it a crock pot because that’s what my mom called it. She grew up in NJ and my daddy is from ND and they both wound up in Montana and got married so my cultural phrases are an interesting mix. I remember my parents playfully arguing over whether it was “soda” or “pop”- Lol!

  10. I just call it plain handy! I actually own two Rivals – but when we first got married, a mother of 8 gave us a slow cooker for a wedding gift and it was HUGE! I could cook two turkey’s in it if I cared to! We could never afford enough meat to cover the entire bottom – and we’d be eating stew for a month if I tried to fill the darn thing! I ended up donating it to a church my hubby Pastored because it was too big to store and too large to fill! With just 4 in our family (planned that way by God – we’d have loved to be a bigger family, but He had other plans for us) the smaller slow cooker is just right!

  11. Bkaiser says:

    Being a military family and moving so much I will call it one thing at this moment and another a second later. I will ask one of the kids, “Go down stairs and grab some “POP” because we are out of cold “SODA” in the frig and daddy will be home soon with _____(fill in the blank with anyones name) from work. He will want a “COKE” when he gets home”

    They laugh at me and ask me what would I like to call it…