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Best Baby Girl Name

Okay, friends. Now is the time to help The Smockity Family with another baby girl name, our 7th to be exact.

I am due on June 1st, our 25th wedding anniversary. I KNOW! Isn't that sweet?!

We need your help coming up with a nice name before then. Here is the criteria:

  • The name must end with the /n/ sound because we don't want to be paying for therapy when little Sally Jo is older. Our children,so far, are Madison, Jackson, Cameron, Adrienne, Katherine, Reagan, and Emelyn.
  • It must go well with our one syllable last name, Hughes.
  • We have to like it. (duh!)

Here is the short list we have come up with so far. Please, vote on the one you like best, or, by all means, suggest another. We are running out of ideas!

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  1. RiLynne

  2. I know two little girls with cute names: Mauryn and Marin. They are pronounced differently, but just like they sound. There’s also Brooklyn. Just a couple I thought of.

    • @Nicki, I meant: The names are pronounced jut like they “look.” It’s a little early, still.

    • @Nicki, I’m a Maren! I like my name, though if I were naming myself I’d name it with a y. Maryn. It’s amazing tho…it looks just like Karen, but people still have trouble. Never the less, I still like it.

      • @maren, The other one I suggested is pronounced Mo-Rin: rhymes with Lauren. It’s very pretty.

        If the sonogram is wrong, and it’s a boy, I like Nathan. : )

  3. Congratulations on a new baby girl! I’ve always loved the name Madelynne. It sounds so precious. From your list I chose Jillian.

  4. I like Carolyn. I wanted to name my 2yo this name, only spell it more like my name, Carelyn. My husband preferred Cara, he wouldn’t even go for Caralyn. Now I can’t imagine calling her anything other than Cara :)
    I also voted for Peyton/Payton, very cute!


  5. Evelyn, Caroline/Carolyn, London, Catherine…

    Evelyn’s my favorite from my list. I like Brynne the best from yours.

  6. April C. says:

    I voted for ‘other’ because I wanted to suggest Jocelyn. I love that name and if fits your criteria…..Jocelyn Hughes sounds lovely! 😉 I like Jillian, too.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Jillian is my favorite from your list. Also, if you want more names…what about Adyson, or Katelyn (personal fave)

  8. I like Brynn from your list. My best friend named her daughter Brielyn which I think is awesome. My kids all have the /n/ sound at the end too.

  9. What about Gracelyn… just sounds so feminine and pretty…

  10. I also have seven children whose names all end in “n” and are two syllables. We have 3 girls and 4 boys. I always find boys’ names easier. Our girls are Lauren, Devin, and Kaelan. Some others we thought of were Ellen , Helen, or Ashton. Our seventh baby was born just a couple of weeks after our 25th anniversary. A couple of my children are now requesting a baby sister….I will be 46 this year and I just don’t know what to think!!

  11. Elizabeth Jaeckle says:

    i like Carolyn, it is my mom’s name. She is the mother of 14 and grandma of 39! My daughter is Erin, that is a good one also. have fun, girls are great!

  12. Brooklyn, Raelynn, Jocelyn

  13. I also like Carolyn, Magadlene, Taryn, Gwendolyn and Jasmine.

  14. Peyton is a boys’ name 😉 sorry, I know a very grownup Peyton who is a little perturbed when he runs into little girls with his name 😀 Don’t know about “Payton” though…. I would suggest “Hollyn”.

  15. HeatherWawa says:

    I’ll vote from your list but I have always loved


  16. Sharalyn says:

    Ok, so go to the poll, and I included a bunch of suggestions and a website that is fabulous for stuff just like this! :-)

  17. Anne x

  18. Ashtyn, Gracyn, Maryn, Lauryn, Aubyn, Carlyn… :)

  19. Well, I’m partial to “Ellen” myself. :-) I must have missed your girl announcement. Congrats!!

  20. I’m going to submit my own favorite baby girl name: Vivian. Or Vivienne, if you prefer. Might not be your taste, but I’m putting it out there anyway! Congrats on your baby girl!

  21. I voted for Peyton, my new grandson’s name. But we have a friend who also used it for a girl. I also have a daughter named Catherine, and I like Evelyn. When I was having babies, Jillian was on my list. Jillian Justine to be exact. Good luck and best wishes

  22. Jillian is my favorite one on your list! :) I’ve always liked it too. Ashlyn is our daughter’s name, so I’m partial to it! :) Also like Raelyn, Jocelyn, and Brielyn. Lillian is pretty too – if you are leaning a bit more toward traditional names. :) Congrats on another little girl!

  23. Some friends of ours couldn’t decide between Cassandra and Kaitlyn, so they named their girl Cassilyn. We think it’s cute!

  24. I prefer Brynn from your list.

    I’d like to suggest the name Rowan.

    Congratulations on your baby girl!!!!

  25. From your list I like Jillian best. I’ve heard Peyton a lot lately for both boys and girls. It seems really popular. It is a super cute name.

    I have also heard Ashton all over the place here (in California).

    Evelyn sounds too close to Emelyn and Katelyn too close to Katherine.

    I LOVE the way Jocelyn Hughes sounds.

    Gwendolyn is adorable as well.

    And if baby 8 turns out to be a boy, Jefferson would fit in or Simeon or Franklin.

  26. it has come up a couple times now in the comments but I LOVE Maryn… or Marrin… or Marin…however you spell it, it starts with the “Mar” sound of Mary but ends with the “in” sound. Maryn. Rhymes with Sharon.

    so I agree with all the “others” on Maryn.

    what fun!

    • @carla, I’m a maren. And I’ve had to tell people th it rhymes with Karen my whole life. So your comment made me laugh. I do love the name, though.

  27. I like Katelyn or Ashlyn.

  28. Many congrats on the anticipation of another girl (I voted for Jillian – but I think all the choices were cute!). We have 4 girls and 3 boys. Such blessings!

  29. I voted for Peyton, but I LOVE the name Jocelyn. :-) I stumbled on your blog yesterday from the Happy Housewife’s link and I have enjoyed reading about your family. Congratulations on the new baby girl!

  30. We have a Vivianne and a Raven. Lillian, Maryn, Aryn, Madalyn, Rhyanne…..hope that helps!

  31. I, too, voted for “other” in order to suggest another name . . . Linden. Other than a tree, I’ve never known a Linden, so it is definitely unusual, but I think it is also dignified, feminine, and graceful.

    Of other names suggested, I very much like Brooklyn, but it seems to be one of those names that is seeing some use, and there is the risk that there will be three Brooklyn’s in her first grade class.

    Thanks for inviting us to participate. Naming babies is so much fun! I can’t wait to see the name she is given.

  32. Congratulations on having another baby girl! I missed the girl announcement too. I love the name Evelyn that some have suggested but it sounds too similar to your other daughter’s name. I also like the suggestion of Carolyn.

    On your list I picked Jillian, which is adorable! So many nice variations that she can adapt as she grows. Jillian, Jill, Silly-Jilly-Willy.

  33. Not sure which name I like the best yet but I have a friend with a little girl named Paityn. I like that spelling for a girl.

  34. I love the name Caroline, but also there’s Allison, Kristin, and (1980’s flashback) Rhiannon.

  35. I thought Peyton was a boy’s name. 😉
    And I know Linden James… a boy.
    From your list Jillian is nice.
    I love many of the name suggestions though! From the suggestions my favorites are;
    Evelyn, Catherine, Jocelyn, Gracelyn, Raelyn, and Kaitlyn.

    Congratulations on another girl! Daughters are such sweet gifts! I think I might be having another girl too… should know in a few weeks. :)

  36. I know someone who named their daughter Graceson. I think it is gorgeous!

  37. happyheartshelpinghands says:

    I love Brynn!

    I also love the name Lauren.

    Our neighbor girl is named Rhiannon (Ree-annon)… if you’re looking for something ‘different!’

  38. Our daughter # 5 is named Aubrey… but I wish we had named her Aubrynn.

  39. i picked other because the first name that came to mind for me was London. I like Brynn and Jillian from your list. Some of the suggestions I love from other readers are Jocelyn and Evelyn. I love Lauren because its my name and I happen to like it a lot lol and Gracelynn was the original name we had picked out for our daughter but changed it because my MIL kept saying she was gonna call her Gracie Lynn…blech.

    Ok so I don’t think I’m much help with this…lol

    I just know I don’t like Peyton, bc I’m from the south and for some reason its hard for me to say correctly hah

  40. We have a neighbor named Taryn. I never could have come up with it, but it fits her. Congrats on your upcoming baby girl and your upcoming 25th wedding anniversary!

  41. How about Madeliene?

  42. I like the name “Graelyn” pronounced gray lynn. I know a little girl named that but had never heard of it before her. Payton is popular and I agree, from the south, it is hard to say (I always say Payun instead of ennunciating correctly). I also like Jocelyn (pronounced jossa lyn). I chose “other” in your survey so I could submit mine ;0)

  43. My votes are for Katelyn, Ashton, or Kieran

  44. I really like the names Lauren, Britton, and Kristin. I did vote for Brynn.

  45. One of our grandchildren is Londyn Kate. I picked Jillian. Peyton has been too popular lately

  46. I like Brynn, but I also like Emerson and KaraAnn he, he, he:)

  47. Jennifer says:

    Lauren Hughes sounds nice, plus I was thinking all your other names have different first letters too, so this one should be different too.

    BTW, I only have one child, but he was due on our second anniversary, came a day early, so spent my anniversary in the hospital after an emergency C-section and the doctor telling me something was wrong with my baby after I sent my husband home to feed the cat and take a shower. He was fine, btw, but he did have to stay in the NICU for a week.

  48. I’ve always liked Jaynee…I mean Jayneelyn…:) Your children have beautiful names! Love you and pray for you!

  49. I like Emmaline, Magdalyn, Ashlynn, or Christine. They all sound nice with your last name.
    Do you know for sure if it’s a girl? Or are you just having a hard time coming up with girl names and the boy’s name was a breeze to think of? This has always been the case for us (we have 3 girls and 3 boys). It probably be easier if my husband wasn’t so picky! :0)

  50. From your list, I like Jillian.

    Here are some others I like – Haven, Vivienne, Evelyn, Ashlyn, Madelyn and Allison. Congrats on another girl!

  51. I like Joselyn too! But I voted for Brynn from your list.

  52. How about:


  53. If it has to end in an ‘n’ sound, I love the name Ellison. You could call her Ellie for short or just Ellison.

  54. Connie, here is my several thought of baby girl name:



    Payton (on your list also)

    Hope these goes well for you all and kids. Send my love to all of you and include kids too…

    Shellie (Hill) Thorneycroft

  55. Well it’s alread been suggested but Madalyn is our littlest girl, and my friends little girl is Valyn.

  56. have you ever checked out babynamewizard dot com? It lets you type in the last part of the name that you want the name to end with, then lets you perform a search. Also lets you check the popularity of the name.

  57. I LOVE the name Carolyn. Also partial to Gwendolyn and Emerson.

  58. Jillian is my sister-in-law’s name…I think it’s beautiful!

    I also like Madelyn, my sister has an Emerson and one of my friends has a baby Adalyn!

  59. I LOVE the name Brynn! I would also like to suggest Breanne :) She could shorten it to Brea when she gets older if she wants.

  60. Jordan, Eden, Tarryn. I’m crazy about Carolynn and I also have to chime in for Jocelyn. Really sweet! I like Brynn from your list, my only hang-up with it is that it has only one syllabal and the rest of your children’s names have multiple… Probably weird of me to say that… I really like it though. :) Congratulations on your baby girl!

  61. Stephanie says:

    I like Lillian! :-) happy name hunting!

  62. In our family we do last names as first names
    We have a Briley Dawn and a Briggs Cason, if we ever have another girl we would name her Breckyn Nicole. Since I am pretty sure we are done having kids…Breckyn would be good for you!

  63. Christina Norman says:


  64. Shannon

  65. How about “Allison”? And btw where do you sell your aprons? Love your blog!

  66. I only have four children but I wanted to be able to call them all at once, and not have it sound funny. Helps to get them out fast without saying the wrong names. 😉

  67. I picked Brynn from your list–it’s beautiful. I also think Devin/Devon is cute, and I have a friend named Brienne.

  68. Beatrice Volino says:

    I’ll throw out my daughter’s name for you: Cheyenne.

  69. Of your list, I like Jillian best, but I have always liked it spelled with a G.

  70. Gracelyn, Madelyn

  71. I think my name fits into your category quite nicely: Alison! :) I’ve enjoyed it for 25 years, and since you’re going to be married for 25 years, I think it’s an even MORE suitable name!! :)

  72. We have a little one we names Jordyn Peace.. I also like Gracien and Tiryn :)

  73. How about Marilyn

  74. Adilyn Hughes , perfect, isn’t it!?
    We are preg with # 6 and we have 4 girls with -ana…Briana, Adriana, Juliana, and Ana-Olivia..looking for new -ana names..maybe I will do a poll! Great idea! Good luck!!

  75. I like you name choices but them seem to be very popular. So with that in mind I like Jaclyn and Morgan.

  76. I’d like to suggest Aislyn (pronounced Aze-lyn). Its a really different, unique name and fits your criteria :) I have a little 2 month old girl and that is what we chose after much debate. Good luck, love your blog!

  77. Gracyn (Grace + son). We have a niece by that name.
    We also have seven children. Five are girls. Our name “theme” for the girls is double names or double sounding names, such as Lilibeth.
    Congratulations on your new blessing!

  78. Congratulations, we have 10 children, 3 girls & 7 boys.
    For ‘n’ names, my name is Robyn & my mums middle name is Lillian.
    I like Gracelyn & love that Maryn has ‘Mary’ in it, what ever you choose I’m sure will be beautiful & she is very lucky to be a part of such a loving family.
    Good luck to you all, God Bless, Robyn xx

  79. I voted for Peyton.


    I love Landyn Hughes or Kellyn (Kel-lyn) Hughes.

  80. So many sweet names suggested….here are a few more:

    Lillian (my little girl’s middle name) :)

  81. Maelyn?

  82. I voted for Jillian, but I also like Jocelyn Hughes. Does it have to end in the -in sound, or would -ine do also? Because if you could handle it, my favorite is Caroline. It’s my first daughter’s middle name. It would have been her first name, but I had a lot of trouble explaining it to people, who wanted to pronounce it Carolyn, which is a totally different name in my opinion. So on the theory that she might not live in the south forever, we chickened out and put it in the middle. Also, I agree that if you name her Peyton you will make all the boy Peytons mad – I have a son named Cameron and you’ve already annoyed him! He hates it when he meets girls named Cameron – he says didn’t her parents know it was a guy’s name? (Don’t even ask him about people who name their daughters Harley after their motorcycle, or Sierra or Dakota after their truck, or Montana after their minivan…) I think choosing a name your child will be stuck with all her life is about the hardest thing about having a baby. None of ours had names until they were at least a week old – in Tennessee, you have two years before you have to decide. And at least one of them I would probably change if I had it to do over – turns out I named her for my husband’s crazy grandmother who spent many years in an assylum – he didn’t know about that until recently. Oops, maybe she won’t grow up to be like Granny after all.

  83. Well, I have to agree with some commenters here…
    Payton is a boy’s name (sorry)–Peyton Manning, football player? Yeah, I know…bursting some bubbles…

    I like the sound of Jillian, but after spending several hours typing out my schedule the last few days and adding numbers to my children’s first initial to designate which one I’m appointing to the task, I encourage you to continue with the unique first initial trend you already have by using Gillian instead…mine are: T, C2, C3, J, K, C4, P, M, M2, S. If we’d stuck to the same 1st initial or given then each a different one, life would be much easier.

    And, I’ll add a couple extra comments: (cuz I’m not great at keeping my opinion to myself)
    –Don’t use a one syllable name. I know y’all live in the south and ANY word can be made to have several syllables, but (trust me-first hand experience talking) when that poor child is in trouble (and you know she will be, eventually) that one syllable name just doesn’t get as much attention as is needed. And you don’t want to have to jump to the middle name too soon. There needs to be that progression, right? (Gill! Gillian!! Gillian Grace!!! Gillian Grace Hughes!!!!) KWIM? 😉

    -You can add “Ann” to any girl name to get that last consonant…
    BethAnn, MaryAnn, KatieAnn, CarrieAnn, JoyAnn, BryAnn, etc…

    Congratulations on your newest Girl

  84. From your list I love Jillian and Brynn.
    I’m not sure if you’re just looking for ending in “n” or it having to make the “n” (-in, -en, -on, -an) sound.
    My daughter’s name is Adaline (pronounced -Ine, just as it’s spelled), but I think Adalynn is pretty too. I also really like Evangeline (pronounced “een”), but it can easily be pronounced -ine or -yn if preferred.

    Some other names I like (some were already suggested):
    -Quinn / Quinnlyn
    -Arwen (Lord of the Rings fan?)

    Just like was mentioned about about “ann” you can add “lyn/lin” or “alyn” to just about any name.

    Bethlyn, Marylin/Marlyn, Brylin, Joylin, Jolyn, Katelyn, Saralyn, Jonalyn, Jaynalyn, Jennalyn, Jessalyn, Annlyn, Janlyn, Caselyn, Hannalyn, Leilyn, Pailyn

  85. Lilian
    Sharon (as in ‘Rose of ….’)
    Karen (Not a common name now, but I was in a school class with FIVE Karens. Where did they all go?)

  86. Further to my comment, I’ve just realised that you already have a Cameron, so a ‘Karen’ isn’t going to be very helpful when you’re on the back porch yelli – , I mean calling in a sweet, clear voice. I’d second another commenter’s suggestion of Vivian/Vivienne which would sound lovely with Hughes and has some very pretty diminuitives (I know a ‘Vivi’)

  87. How about Lillian…

  88. Jocelyn:)

  89. Hoping over from Works for Me Wednesday, when I saw your request… Our daughter’s name is Teagan and it means beautiful or little poet. It is out of the top 100 SSN names but as an Amy from the early 70’s it is nice to not be one of 5 in a classroom.

  90. Sivan (pronounced see-vahn). It’s the ninth month of the Hebrew calendar and means “season” or “time”. Sivan usually falls during May and June, so it would be a good fit.

  91. Jennifer Wikstrom says:

    I love the name Cheyenne. That is why I named my daughter that. :)

  92. Kansas Mom says:

    I have heard of Brevyn, Adelyn, and Emerson, all of which seemed quite pretty. We also have a little friend named Kalyn (Kay-linn). Lovely, I think.

  93. A couple of my faves are Raelyn, Allison, Carolyn, Jaelyn, and of course my name, Shannon! Good luck.

  94. Roslynn- their are many ways to spell this, its girly no way around it.

  95. Jacqueline, Helen and Lillian

  96. Shannon Ryan says:

    Emerson. Love it, what do you think?

  97. From your list I voted Jillian.

    I think Madalyn Hughes sounds nice. My dd is Madalyn. I also like Evelyn.

  98. Stephanie says:

    So what is the status of names so far????? I am still holding out for LILLIAN! :-)

  99. Adeline, Caroline, Helene (second E is a long sound)

  100. Paige Baldridge says:


  101. I have always loved these names:

    – Rhiannon
    – Lillian
    – Rosalynn
    – Shannon

    I can’t wait to see what name you choose.

  102. i like leslie, jacqueline and jess but i pick jillian cause its my name 😉