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A Visit From Friends

I'm happy to report that we all had a fabulous visit with our friends. Here is a picture of all 18 children.  

Do not ask me what is up with my 5 year old daughter's jeans. Maybe she is starting a new fashion trend? And even though it looks like two of the boys in front were about to have a throw down in the driveway, you'll be glad to know there was no blood spilled the entire day!

Actually, the children played together peacefully and quietly while The Mommys enjoyed visiting.

Thanks for all the fabulous suggestions for what to serve for lunch. After considering the "mess factor", I finally decided to go with some hot dogs we had in the freezer that my husband had snagged on sale a while back. I served those with sides of  popcorn and pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, and banana slices.

So, now I'm curious. Have you ever entertained this many children in your home? What is the largest family you have ever invited over? Does this picture frighten you?

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  1. I wish I had a picture (I probably do somewhere, but who knows where) of when some friends and I took another friend’s kids and ours to visit her in the hospital after she’d had her baby. Granted, there were a few more mommies than you had at your house, but there were a grand total of 13 kids (5 moms) in the hospital room, not including the new baby, who, if I recall correctly, was already in NICU by then.

    You should have seen the nurse’s faces. 😉 There is a great photo floating around somewhere of all the kids piled up on the hospital bed.

  2. In our family, when we get together, there are 17 kids, and usually in one house. It does get loud, but everyone looks forward to it SO much!We have some cute photos of this at holidays and birthday parties. We’ve even done campouts together, which requires several campsites!

  3. No, the picture doesn’t scare me. It puts a smile on my face.

    I have had that many kids at my house, but it’s been quite some time. Now, it’s routinely around 7 kids or so. Honestly, I love it when my daughter has lots of kids over to play. :) Then again, I probably wouldn’t be as thrilled if they were all inside as they get a bit loud. lol!

  4. Hmmm…Seven Brides for Seven Brothers comes to mind!

  5. I hosted KONOS co-ops in our home for many years and had tons of kids here….and we fed them as well. We have also hosted a book study group “Shepherding Your Child’s Heart” and had over fifty folks at a time. Large families, so there are always more kids than adults. And yes, we fed them, but everyone brings finger foods.

  6. 10 is the most I think and that was for a birthday party. That picture there would be like if all the great grandchildren on my dad’s side got together. Nope. That would only be 16. Anyway, that picture does not say “play date” to me but rather “family reunion. ” But I love it. Glad you had a great day!

  7. I usually don’t have more than 12 or so here. :) When we were up north with Samuel, I had the children’s cousins over to play a few times…I think we got up to 24 a few times (my husband’s siblings all have many children too). I loved being able to let the mommy’s have some time to themselves and how I enjoyed spending time with my nieces/nephews whom I don’t get to see that often. And the best part, everyone actully seemed to behave better…they all had so much fun, I never heard the whiny, “I don’t know what to do”, and when you’re already making 2 loaves of bread into sandwhiches, whats a couple more? :)

  8. Seems normal to me… We have 9 and every Sunday we get together with another family with 9 kids, so we have 18 every week. We take turns hosting and feeding the whole crew.

  9. What a lovely bunch. :) My husband is the second of nine children…the youngest will be 12 this month. I believe theirs is the largest family I’ve ever had over. But they’re family, so it hardly counts. :o)

  10. I have had that many kids in my house at one time, but from 3 or 4 families.

    My bestie has 5 kids, and with my 3 that is 8, but I dont notice when they are there because they play so quietly and well together!

  11. Elizabeth Jaeckle says:

    Connie I am one of 14 children and my mother now has 39 grandkids. we all try and get together at least once a year. My husband has given up trying to keep track of who belongs to who. (I met you at Kara’s house once, I have two sets of twins)

  12. Looks like fun to me! I am glad it went so well!

  13. At our “Keepers at Home” meeting 2 weeks ago, we had 11 girls + 6 moms and then we added 9 brothers. So we had a fuuuulllll house. Sure was fun though!

  14. It looks normal to me, too. :)

    Here’s the thing, Connie. When there are this many kids in the picture, you just pretend the ones with the odd fashion sense or scowls or fingers up the nose are the other lady’s kids. No one will ever know. :) Faces start to blur when there are this many children in one picture. :)

  15. What fun! From two families… wowza!

  16. Love the picture! We have definately hosted that many children and loved it! The last big group we had was 14 girls ages 7 to 11 for a sleepover! For most birthday parties 25 to 30 children is normal! I absolutely love it!


  17. We have 10 children and we have friends with 10 children which makes a nice gathering. If we are having a really big party for a special occasion, we have to borrow a church facility, ’cause just 4 large families would crowd out our house. Not that we haven’t done that. but in the summer, with no air conditioning….or in the winter, (we’re in Canada), when we all would have to stay indoors…..

  18. After being the Elementary Director for a good sized church for 2 years I can handle about 250-300 children….but not at my house! 😉 The idea of 18 kids DOES scare me. But sounds like you guys had a blast.

  19. A couple weeks ago we had 14….at the house while we learned about essential oils! It was 3 families, with 2 extras (I babysit my niece and a friend watches her nephew) The day it was nice enough to be outside was wonderful, but the day it was cold and the kids were stuck inside in the 200sq foot living room was……interesting. It won’t deter us from doing it again I’m sure, we’ll just pray harder for better weather!


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