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Are you ready to see how 4 Moms manage our schedules with 35 Kids? Check back here (scroll down) for hourly updates throughout the day, and then be sure to see what the other moms are up to.


8:00 The boy has received permission to sleep out doors since he apparently didn't get enough of nature today. Mom remembers that she has promised 2 loaves of homemade bread to a friend tomorrow, and she doesn't have any rye flour, so she must needs make a journey to the market place to procure said ingredient.

7:00 Dinner (pancakes and egg casserole) has been consumed and the children are working on after dinner clean up. 8yo plans and executes a "Grande Moving Party" in honor of the 2yo moving into the girl's room.

6:00 The baby entertains herself by making a mess with some clothes that need to be put away and dressing and undressing in various people's garments. Some unknown person uses some creativity with my camera and the dog. The boy appeared very sunburned just in time to show off his find from the river.

5:45 Mom resumes dinner prep and throws a load of laundry in. Dogs are caught and brought back home even though Mom may have muttered something about hoping they wouldn't find their way home, though she won't admit to as much. Girls are making musical instruments out of dried beans, toilet paper tubes, LOTS of duct tape.

5:20 The hunkiest golf pro in town calls to request a playing partner, so Mom puts dinner prep on hold while she drives the team bus to P.E.

5:00 10yo realizes she has not been honored as of yet by having her cute self posted in picture form on the blog, so she decides to have a reading lesson with the 2yo and 4yo. Mom can't resist this opportunity for a picture. Both dogs get out the door and run away during this outdoor lesson, causing much uproar and finger pointing.

4:40 14yo mows front yard while Mom gives her the stink eye for being a wicked blog hacker. 5yo and 8yo work on some books they are "publishing".

4:15 Mom goes over history with 4th grader and then moves on to science. The proper pronunciation of "Galileo" is practiced. Mom considers whether she should make "breakfast" for dinner or heat up the frozen Cavatini.

3:56 14yo hacks back in and reminds mom that if she didn't have the computer automatically set to remember her blog password, it wouldn't be so easy for 14yo to hack in, since 14yo has no idea what the password is.

3:50 Mom reads aloud to 2yo and listens to her "read" the books back.

3:46 Mom comes back to life to discover 14yo has hacked her blog. Mom makes a mental note to ground 14yo and remind her not to be so smart.

3:22 Mom is still snoring so 14yo continues to post random updates on Mom's blog.  Hey look, a butterfly!

1:50 14yo hacks into mom's blog and proceeds to write all over it while mom snores.

1:20 Boy found, cake delivered. Read about and discussed inclined planes with the boy. And now, NOW... do you hear that? The Hallelujah chorus? That, my friends, means it is nap time!  Everyone must go to their beds and be quiet for one solid hour. Do you hear me? QUIET! No doors slamming, no toilets overflowing, no questions or disputes, under threat of severe penalty. (The big kids may play quietly, which of course means the boy has disappeared to the river again.)

12:15 The boy has not been located, the baby put herself down for a nap, and Mom is playing more cards with a different set of girls. Cake is ready to be delivered if we can locate shoes and wayward boys. (Pic to follow)

11:30 After lunch chores, "Gold" Fish with the 4th grader and the Kindergartner, Math with the 2nd grader. 4th grader tells Mom she needs to be a better listener. Boy is AWOL, and it was reported that he ran down to the river with the neighbor boy, who is on spring break. Cake is ready to go to the new neighbors.

Child Labor

11:00 Boy reports that the mower will not start and little girls fume over having to clean up the yard "for no reason". 2nd grader slams finger in door. More tears. Mower starts. Girls eat lunch.

10:40 14yo decides to take a trampoline break, 13yo tells little girls Daddy said to pick up all socks, forks, shoes, screwdrivers, and baby doll strollers out of the yard so he can mow. Dogs begin to bark noisily and Mom starts lunch prep.

10:15 The boy makes a 100 on his dictation test, which calls for high fives all around since he mastered the words "gregarious", "migratory", "scrutinize", and "migrants". 2nd grader finishes her copy work after many dramatic tears over backward letters.

10:00 2nd grader reads aloud to Mom, 14yo begins making a cake to take to some new neighbors, Kindergartener finishes copywork, 2yo "helps" big sister with the cake and 4yo listens to 2nd grader read. 4th grader gets help with long division. Mom realizes 7th grade boy is missing and discovers he has finished reading The Rats of Nimh instead of doing his copy work.

9:50 8yo and 4yo show me that they have made up my bed as a surprise. I give them plenty of hugs and kisses and they ask what else they get. "A good feeling inside" I say. They seem a smidge disappointed, but I pretend not to notice just like you are pretending not to notice that the making of Mom's bed is a momentous event. 14yo begins piano practice.

9:30 Mom is thankful no one asked what "Philistine forseskins" are. 7th grade boy listens to math cd, 9th grade girl studies for science test, 4th grade girl starts math, 2nd grade girl reads to 4yo and 2yo while Mom listens to Kindergartener read. Kindergartener trips up over the words "dawn" and "edged".  Kindergartener finishes reading and begins copy work while Mom helps 4th grader with math.

8:55 Mom calls everyone to the dining room table to begin listening to 2 Samuel in preparation for the upcoming Bible Bowl event in April. Quiet drawing is allowed during listening.

8:28 Phone rings. Nurse reports that the dreadful and hated 3 hour glucose tolerance test results were normal. Smockity rejoices because nobody loves biscuits and gravy more than she does.

8:25 Mom reminds everyone that breakfast must be  finished and chores done by 9:00 so we can start Bible.

8:22 Mess is cleaned up.

8:20 It is discovered that one of the dogs has reverted to puppy-hood and left a smelly "gift" on the floor. There is a heated debate as to whose dog did the deed and who is responsible for cleaning it up. Mom announces in a somewhat less than chipper tone that she doesn't care if it hairlips the governor, the mess WILL be cleaned up in less than no time. OR. ELSE.

8:15 Mom sends the 3 little girls to wake up the sleepy heads. Opinions about this decision vary.

8:00 The three girls, still the only ones awake, begin to "read" aloud to me from library books. Simultaneously. Mom realizes at this moment that library books are overdue and nervously bites her fingernails as she remembers the recent arrests.

7:55 The Happy Housewife informs Smockity that she has published a post about the 4 Moms live blogging event. The title insinuates a certain craziness among the 4 Moms, but Smockity forgives Happy.

7:53 Girls eat breakfast and discuss the meaning and consequences of "ugly talk".

7:50 In the dispensing of oatmeal and cinnamon toast, Mom discovers that she did NOT turn on the dishwasher before going to bed, so she is greeted by a multitude of dirty dishes.

7:40 The first risers, 2yo and 4yo, stumble into living room holding hands and grinning. 5yo follows.

7:00 Bible reading finished, load of laundry started, Mom gets a shower before the kids awaken (hopefully).

6:15 Dad wonders why there are no towels in the bathroom and Mom remembers she put them all in the washer the night before. One lone towel is found and Dad rejoices that he will be able to dry off before going to work.

6:00 Husband's alarm goes off and Mom begins her reading for The Bible in 90 Days.

5:55 Mom finds that the package of coffee filters is empty due to a massive snowflake project and becomes frantic. She finds a few lonely filters in the back of the cupboard and calms down. Starting the coffee and turning back to the misbehaving blog, she reaches out to her early rising blogging buddies who talk her down from her proverbial cliff and walk her through getting her post published. (Thanks, Jen!) Mom calls curses down on Word Press and pours herself a cup of coffee.

5:45 Mom wakes and checks to see if scheduled post automatically published. She finds that it did not and fumbles around on blog dashboard a while.  Nothing happens.  She begins to freak out since she has promised a live blogging day, but decides to start coffee and come back.

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  1. Morning, Connie – I’m receiving the signal loud and clear! :-)

  2. You are so welcome…now, don’t worry a bit because you got more done than most of us by the time you hit publish. :)

  3. So my husband is not the only one who can’t find a dry, clean towel because his wife decided to get a jump on the laundry and do it the night before! Yay!

  4. Time for bed for us Australians, but thought I’d message and say, I’m amazed at the huge difference between the two bloggers I follow (Raising Olives and Smockity Frocks). One so organized, one so crazy, I’m not sure which I would prefer! I just love the contrast of Kimberly organising 30 minute chores with a timer, after serving a breakfast of coffee cake and fruit, while Connie franticly searches for coffee and discovers a lack of towels. I think my house is more like Connie’s! Go the crazyness!

    (Posted to both blogs)

  5. I’m laughing over abba12’s comment;) You crazy Smockity. And my laughter is now turning to tears as I realize if your household is crazy what the heck is mine with only three kids…chaotic crazy perhaps, because I’m not nearly as organized as you and now I’m afraid to read Raising Olives updates! Too much pressure, I’m going back to bed:)

  6. At least I am not the only one with a boy who likes to disappear, or read something else when he is supposed to be doing schoolwork!

  7. Fun. :) I can relate….

    The thing is…for me…most people don’t realize that THIS type of day IS organized. The schooling is getting done. The clean up is getting done. Charity/hospitality is being practiced. Kids are getting fed. Laundry is getting done. It’s organized. :)

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Holly, The first thing my husband said when he got home was, “I LOVED Holly’s comment!”

      You are so right. This was an orderly day… for us!

  8. Visiting from over at Raising Olives! I LOVE the part about the towels. I am always doing that and my poor husband is so patient, but he hates drying off with his undershirts!! Enjoying your blog–have a great day:)

  9. Undershirts. Mental note.

    I was also considering breakfast for dinner!

  10. I have enjoyed reading all the updates. I think I may try this also. It’ll be fun to look back and see what I do in a day. It’ll be great, since some people think that us homeschoolers don’t DO anything. :)

  11. I have SO enjoyed reading about your day! I think you should do this every day! Lol! 😀 Now seriously I did love reading it and I love that you and your family are real and that I’m not the only mom who forgets to push the on button on the dishwasher or switch the towels over (okay actually for me it’s the bedsheets and then we’re staying up late twiddling out thumbs waiting for them to hurry up and dry so we can go to bed)!

  12. Whoops! >twiddling ouR thumbs< I mean. :) It's 11pm Thursday and I have had 3 hours of sleep since Tuesday night, plus I'm 3 months pregnant, so I'm entitled to a few typos, right? That's my story and I'm stinking to it!

  13. You get so much done in a day! I only have a 7, 5, and 2yo at home all day, and am some how unable to get school done some days!
    Something I was wondering while reading your post is how messy do things get? Are your older kids good about automatically keeping things picked up, or have you trained the littles to pick up after themselves? Or is it like my house? I focus on one child a minute to long and the others have an entire room trashed, or the 2yo old has pulled half the contents of the fridge out or flushed something odd down the toilet?
    Do you stay pretty structured to avoid this?

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Carey, I wish I could say that we are extremely neat and my children and I automatically put everything in its place, but… well… that would be a tall tale.

      We try, but cleaning and organizing isn’t my strong suit, so it often gets left undone in favor of something more fun.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you all for this. It has been so wonderful to read and remember that my day is not the only crazy one! My vote on the names is Jillian. If you are looking for something new I like Taryn. Have fun!

  15. Katena Dyser says:

    I am the mom of 6 and can relate. what a great blog and we are thinking of a 7

  16. love this! thanks for the glimpse…. and when do you get everyone in bed??

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @Mama Llama, Ah, I should have included bed time, but I was too wiped out from all the blogging!

      Bedtime for everyone under 9 is 8:30. When you turn 9, you can stay up until 9:00!

  17. ummm…your 14 year old has a rockin blog. she has been blogging way longer than I have! ha! and she does blog design?? whats kind of super skills are you teaching those kiddos in the Smockity Homeschool?? Is she for hire?? Hilarious!


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