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Smocking Explained (Plus a Heaping Dose of Random)

I have been asked a time or two, "What is 'smocking'?" and I have also been asked recently, "What exactly is your blog about?".

Hopefully, this video will answer both of those questions. And please, do excuse the weird angle. I was giving my videographer, MaddieLynn, a break and using a tripod. That didn't stop her from kneeling behind the camera making fun of me, though!

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  1. You are too stinkin’ cute! So glad I found this blog. I have several dresses that my mom smocked for me when I was a child – they are lovely (and so very old….).

  2. Sara @ Saving For Someday says:

    I adore your blog. I had the pleasure of meeting you at Blissdom and you were the same very real person as you are on your blog. Thank you for explaining smocking, and for being so honest and funny.

  3. You are too funny! Thank you, you’ve helped me figure out what my blog is about. The next time someone asks I’ll tell them “It’s about everything and nothing at all” Although since Blissdom I have been trying to pull more of the “crunchy” stuff into it since, you know, crunchy is in the title :)

  4. Your so cute!!!! I have that same what is my blog about (Newlyweds) but that is the joy of blogging it doesn’t have to be set in stone. Love your blog by the way I just found it a few days ago became a email follower and have been enjoying it.

  5. Connie, you are precious! :) I think you do an excellent job of weaving together (or smocking?) all things in your life into your blog!

  6. : ) I knew about smocking before I found you, but that was way more entertaining than reading it in an instruction book!

  7. LOVE IT! I found your site last month, and love it! I have SEVERAL smocked outfits for my 3 year old daughter. I love them!

  8. Rachael in Australia says:

    Please, please keep posting video clips. I don’t even care what you talk about, I just want to listen to your fabulous accent and laugh at your jokes!

    My 2 older girls have tried and tried to get their long hair into a bun a la Smockity but it just won’t stay together. However, you are personally responsible for a new fashion craze in my house (which happens to be half way across the world from you!) My 13 and 11 year old have raided the kitchen drawers and now are sporting chopsticks in an effort to keep their buns in place. It works a treat! Baby sister loves it best of all as she delights in pulling out a chopstick from an unsuspecting sibling and watching the tumbling hair!

  9. Love the video, and I love smocking! I have to laugh because my blog title probably makes no sense and has no relevance anymore to most of what I blog about. So I’ll borrow your line and say it’s about everything and nothing at all:)

  10. That was HILARIOUS!!! My daughter and I LOVED your “thoughts” toward the nice gentleman on the plane ride. Too funny!

  11. Connie…

    I LOVED this Vlog.

    My blog is similar…about everything!

    Happy friday!

  12. I LOVED this video of YOU. Smockityfrocks! It just fits you! =)

  13. Loved that great video explanation! I was a smocker of small girl’s dresses when my daughter was little, but somewhere between 7 & 8 she refused to wear smocked dresses “ANYMORE, MAMA!” t

    And really, when you think about it, aren’t most of us like Jerry Seinfeld with our own little “show about nothing” going on?

  14. I love it! I’m a blog about “nothing and everything,” too!

  15. Soooo Cute!!!!! That gave me my first laugh for the day. Thanks!

  16. I cried the day my daughter refused to wear smocked dresses. It was the bishop collar that she said was “choking me so hard I need to cough” she hates anything tight on her neck. Love anything smocked.. My husband cut me off with my son at 18months. BOO!

  17. Oh good gravy, Connie I never get tired of your vlogs…please, please, please don’t ever stop the vlogging!

    I am so glad you made this particular video because I actually almost gave up blogging because I couldn’t say what exactly my blog was about. And now I can say “It’s about everything and nothing.” You coined it and I’m using it.

  18. you are halarious i loved this!

  19. I had no idea what smocking was! Even though I wore those dresses as a child and have put outfits on my kids with smocking. I thought it was a really cute gathering of material and some how they embroidered it. And you are super cute and funny. I love your blog…keep going!

  20. Funny!! You’re a real hoot!

    (said by a fellow Texas gal)

  21. I LOVE this! Just sayin’. I find it to be so cute and honest! So easy to relate to.