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Portable Art Case DIY

**Have you entered to win my oilcloth apron?

My sweet 14 year old MaddieLynn made a portable art case for her sister's tenth birthday gift. It was very well received!

The case was made to be carried either as a back pack or a shoulder bag.

MaddieLynn used flexible cutting boards and quilt batting to give it structure and padding.  She included elastic for pencil, glitter, glue and crayon holders and velcro for keeping it securely closed.

She even inluded a center compartment for extra markers!

I love the colorful fabric she picked out, and I think she did a fantastic job, especially since she didn't even use a pattern! This was her own creation!

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  1. Wow, I am beyond impressed! What a fantastic seamstress she is! That is just a darling bag.

  2. Wow that looks awesome!

  3. Wow!! She is very talented to be able to do that all on her own.

  4. Seriously? No pattern?! I couldn’t do that with detailed, illustrated instructions!

  5. That is so fabulous, Maddie! :) Good job!

  6. Wow – great job, MaddieLynn!

  7. That’s amazing, can she teach me to sew, pretty please! lol

  8. Holy cow! That’s great!

  9. Oh WOW! That is just amazing!! I really like the cool fabric she used too!

  10. Fabulous! Any chance she’d consider doing a tutorial? :)

  11. WOW, Connie…that is amazing. How long has she been sewing?

  12. Adorable!!! My 4 year old would flip for one of these. :) Visiting from Kimba’s party. :)

  13. What a talented girl!

  14. That is sooooo cool!

    m ^..^

  15. She did wonderfully! What a blessing to see sibling love in that way. I hope and pray my own children will be so loving.

  16. Great job, MaddieLynn! That is so awesome to have come up with such a versatile and detailed design all on her own! I especially like that it can be either a backpack or a shoulder bag. Looks like it is about time for her to start an etsy shop. You could go in together–your aprons and smocking and her creations!

  17. How creative! It turned out great. That girl should open up her own Etsy shop, if she hasn’t already.

  18. I want you to come teach sewing at our house, pretty please?

    MaddieLynn is very creative and talented.

  19. What a wonderful project! And its a great sister gift! What a blessing to have a daughter to come up with and carry through with a project for a gift! Great job, MaddieLynn.

  20. If she wants to make a little extra money Maddie Lynn should think about writing up a pattern for that art case. It’s awesome and the idea of using flexible cutting boards is genius!

  21. I agree with Jane. MaddieLynn should make up a pattern and sell it. That is a FABULOUS art case. My daughter would go CRAZY for something like that. So fantastic!

  22. so cute!

  23. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I love the fabrics and colours.

  24. Aww…what a nice sister! Very creative! Why didn’t my sister do anything like this for me growing up?!

  25. That is INFINITELY more beautiful than the nasty pink plastic tupperware boxes that my kid’s art supplies are relegated to. :)

  26. She did a fantastic job!! Love it!

  27. What a cute idea! 😀

  28. Great job to your 14 YO! That looks like a handy art case–bet your 10 YO is grateful for such a thoughtful big sis!

  29. COOl idea.

  30. What a fabulous job!!!

  31. wow! we love art in our home and this gift would have been well received for ALL! (including me) Great job!

  32. Your daughter could market this product, it is impressive!

  33. Wow — super cool! You should be proud to be raising such a crafty kiddo!