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Planning For When Mom’s Away

I am in the final stages of planning for my trip to the Blissdom blogging conference in Nashville this weekend, which will be the first time I have been away from the family in 3 KIDS!

My husband will have to work while I'm gone, so I have asked a sweet girl who is a high school senior to come by for a few hours each day to make sure things go according to plan. I figure between her and my handy dandy 14 year old daughter, they will be able to hold down the fort pretty well.

Since I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone, I made ahead some casseroles for dinners and pre packed breakfast and lunch bags for each day I will be gone.

First, you have to know that I never buy precooked or prepackaged convenience foods. Unless I am going out of town for the first time in 3 kids, and then I do.

I loaded up on chicken nuggets, fish sticks, tator tots, Teddy Grahams, and lots more junk that have all the kids giddy with excitement, rubbing their hands together just waiting for me to leave!

I bought lunch sacks and labeled them with names and days.

Then, I packed each one with a napkin, plastic spoon, and treats they don't usually get. The entree will be chicken nuggets or fish sticks that the babysitter will put in the oven and serve on paper plates.

I then put the sacks for each day together in a tub for easy distribution.

I also bought some cheapo trinkets from the party favor aisle to bribe the children to encourage one another to do their chores and school work joyfully.

I will give each child a list of tasks to complete each day and then assign a buddy to reward the joyful completion of tasks with stickers on a chart. Once the stickers for that day are won, the child may get something from the prize box.

Hopefully, these things will make the running of the household go smoothly while I am away.

Do you have any tips for preparing to be away from your family?

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  1. Wow! That’s pretty impressive. I can’t imagine being that organized! But, I’m still on baby #1. 😉

  2. You are so organized! And very smart! I can’t see the last picture though. What is it?!

    My only times I’ve been away from my family is when I’m hospitalized with preterm labor or actually having a baby (or two). But I would guess having all the laundry caught up would be especially helpful– especially in my household where my children haven’t taken on the task yet of doing any of the actual washing.

    I do like to have casseroles and meals in the freezer though. That is VERY helpful– whether being away or not.

  3. That is some serious organizing! I am setting out clothes for the days I am going to be gone. Daddy can’t dress himself, let alone the kids. 😉

  4. Fabulous tip! I’ll have to remember that for the future. I do try to plan easy meals but otherwise they just enjoy daddy time which is different than mommy time but still good. :)

  5. Girl, they are going to want you to go on more trips with rewards like that! Lol :)

    My girls are asking when I am going to leave because they get to have several nights of “sleepovers” in the living room with Daddy! Ha!

  6. Wow! You are organized, girl! Your husband must be very proud. Have fun at Blissdom.

  7. WOW!! Impressive.

  8. Way to go Connie. The kidlets are going to have so much fun and feel so loved by their sweet Mama, while she is partying it up at Blissdom! Have a blast.

  9. I can only imagine getting organized is the way to go when living the kids!! i havent done this yet but love how you did it! i so wanted to go to blissdom but being so close to my delivery date and being high risk the ob said no! understandable i guess :) have a great time I am sure it will be awesome!

  10. I’m off topic here, but I wanted to say I loved your youtube video on the Bible in 90 days. I’m a mom to 5 under 7 and I just had to laugh at the commentary your little ones were doing during the video.

    It reminded me of all of the fractured conversations I have with my friends on the phone where we are in the middle of a deep topic and then you’ll hear, “Josh, put down that stick” or “Luke, the leaves belong outside, baby”.

    I’m part of the 90 days program and am waaaaay behind right now, but still plugging along. Thanks for the encouragement!

  11. That’s so fun!

  12. You are one awesome Mom!

    And I am super-jealous that you’ll be at Blissdom!

  13. Connie, I don’t know what the deal is, but I am NOT receiving your feeds thru bloglines. I have even resubscribed, and it is still not working! (Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to fix anything…I am just musing and wondering. I’ll keep working on it until I get it.) :)

    I can’t imagine being gone for a few days – that has never happened here, either, unless I’m giving birth, and that’s only one day.

    It looks like you are doing a fabulous job, and I think everything will run fine!

  14. What a neat idea! I love your snack bags!

  15. I gave this a thumbs up on stumble upon…good post!

  16. I always planned to be that organized, but rarely am I. 😛


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