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Not Me!

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I do NOT allow my baby to run amuck during homeschool lessons and ruin perfectly good rolls of toilet paper by dunking them in the toilet.

I would NEVER let the children play with things that are not toys.

And if I did, I certainly would not find it amusing enough to run and get the camera!

Not me!

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  1. Not me…I would never do that either, and I would never put it on my blog….never, not me. :) hee heee

  2. And I’m sure it was “not you” who fished the toilet paper OUT of the bowl, and then took a photo of said soaked rolls.

    ha ha! :)

    My kids don’t let me forget about the time Oliver had his first big bike crash, came in with a VERY bloody face and I said “Stay right there, I gotta get a picture of this!” :)

  3. Any homeschool projects that are made of paper mache this week? You first photo looks ready for the task!
    Your post is hilarious! Thanks for sharing! And it’s always nice to find out when other mothers are just like me! I don’t homeschool(my children go to my church’s Christian school), but I’ve had many “not me” moments of my own!
    Have a great day!

  4. How funny! It’s amazing the things we’ll let babies do just so we can finish a task we’ve started!

  5. Hey atleast it was just TP my little put an ELECTRIC thomas th train in the toiletwhich requred a plumber UGH

    It def was not me who was with him when it happened AND flushed the toilet…OOPS

    I am now a follower!

  6. Too funny! I let my little boy play with a box of jello and next thing I knew I found him playing in the toilet and the water was purple because he had put the jello in the toilet and it had all dissolved. It makes me feel better that other people have NOT ME moments! Thanks for your pics and NOT ME moments!