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Easy Bun Hairstyle

Here is a step by step video demonstrating a super quick and easy bun hairstyle.

See more of my videos at Smockity's Reel Life.

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  1. My name’s Nikki. And I’m a scrunchie-aholic. I am guilty of wearing a scrunchie on a near-daily basis. Even with my hair super short now (chin length) I still pull part of it up when I’m at home doing dishes, changing diapers, whatever. It’s too thick even with it thinned out and I get too darn sweaty in this California weather to leave it down. I do style it nice for church though. 😛

  2. P.S. When it gets long again, I’ll try your bun method that doesn’t require a scrunchie.

  3. “note to self” You are hilarious! :)

  4. Well, now I know! Thanks for sharing! I had heard about the scruncii ban, but, not being a slave to fashion, I decided against joining the scruncii burning ceremony and let them instead, all die a natural death or get sucked into the vacuum! We did score a big bag of grown up hair pretties that includes fancy hairsticks at Target recently – apparently they bag up the Goodie cards that fall off the hang-up’s because of broken cards and put them all in a bag for $6! Keep and eye out for those and maybe you’ll score some fashionable hair sticks too!

  5. Unfortunately my hair is too fine to make that work. It always falls out. However, I loved your video, you cracked me up about the scrunchie, and also the “SOMEBODY” dug in the yard with them. LOL Thanks for the tip.

  6. You are so very funny. I laughed out loud. If you would have made me wake up my daughter, I would not like you any longer. Nah, I would still like you, but I would boycott any posts remotely funny. Nah, don’t believe that one either. :-)

  7. My sweet husband got me a PACK of scrunchies for Christmas this year. I didn’t have the heart to tell him “I don’t do scrunchies anymore.” I have, however, informed him that I will pick out my own purses, sunglasses, and shoes, thank you! I think he gets it now. (I wear the scrunchies around the house, for him.)

  8. You are so cute! Love your bun!

  9. That’s Great! Love it. Although my hair is so slippery no matter how long I have to use bobby pins or something to keep it up. I would love it if you would link up to my Tuesday’s Tips with this one! http://couponomicstimuluspackage.blogspot.com/2010/02/tuesdays-tip-how-to-get-out-of-debt.html

  10. I’m in the too-fine-hair club, too. I always had to use pencils or chopsticks. But when my hair was super long it almost always ended up in a bun like that!

  11. Great video Connie! My hair is obviously too short, but I could never put it in a bun when it was long because it is way too thick. I was always jealous of people with buns.

  12. I love scrunchies, but my son destroyed all the ones I had. I don’t bother getting them anymore.

  13. My name is Brenda. And I still like scrunchies.

    See? I would have made that bun and then wrapped a scrunchie around it to keep it in place.

    I’m just so wrong.

  14. HeatherWawa says:

    That is great! My hair is totally long enough and it’s quite thick but I can’t imagine it staying in place???? Does your hair really stay put like that?

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @HeatherWawa, My hair is thick and wavy and it really does stay that way most of the day. Occasionally it will come down and I’ll have to redo it.

  15. I’m with @HeatherWawa. My hair is long AND thick, and I can’t get it to stay, pencil or not (and I just spent 15 minutes trying).

    Back to my ponytail. :(

    Great video, though!

  16. Cute bun and cute video!
    You have it down to a science!

  17. It took me a couple of tries to get mine to stay… I think what I did when it worked was that I stuck the end in the center rather than under the outside circle, if that makes any sense. I just kept trying because I couldn’t believe that my thick, curly hair would have more trouble holding than Smockity’s. I imagine it comes with practice.

    That being said, mine doesn’t look as stylish on me as yours does, Smockity. :-)

  18. I love your videos, please don’t ever stop making them!

  19. Down with Scrunchies! :) Let’s put those down in the same book as those gladiator combs from the eighties ! :)

  20. Your video was great! I have thick wavy hair that will not stay knotted even when long so I put mine up with the help of small clips or Flexi 8’s. I however still use scrunciis even in public. I had no idea they were no longer in fashion – not that that would have stopped me anyway!!

  21. Great tip and reminder – I have long, thick wavy hair that usually will stay for an hour or two without bobby pins – I use 2 large roller pins crossed in an X to get it to stay all day. I always end up out and about with my hair driving me nuts. I have to remember…I don’t _need_ the roller pins… just throw it in the bun like Smockity!

  22. I love your videos, you’re so funny!! This is a great tip, I’m going to go try it!

  23. his.talmidat says:

    oh, that made me giggle :) thanks.