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CrockPot Carnival

Link up your CrockPot recipe here!

Look at the handy dandy CrockPot my sweet mama gave me for Christmas! I am absolutely giddy over it! It has 3 separate crocks, all with their own controls!

I use my CrockPot about once a week, when I know I am going to be away from home for the afternoon. I love coming home to the savory smell of dinner cooking.

The trouble is, I don't have a whole big lot of CrockPot recipes to choose from. This is where you come in, friends.  I need your help! I need your best (and simplest) CrockPot recipes.

But wait! Don't tell me now. Mull it over, search your cookbooks, ask your mother, and then come back here on Monday to link up to my "What's In Your CrockPot?" carnival.

You'll be giving me a hand with my CrockPot cooking arsenal, PLUS you'll get lots of visitors from good ol' Smockity who are dying to see what recipe you came up with!

It's a win-win!

Now, get those recipes ready and spread the word!

See you Monday!

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  1. Oh! I am SO excited for this!
    I am a crock-pot flunkie turned crock-pot lover, so Ican’t wait to see what everyone has to share so I can try some new ideas
    Hmmmm.. and I think I know what I plan to share…..

  2. Now THAT is a big crockpot!!! I have crockpot envy!

  3. I love the crockpot, they are awesome!! Now I just need to remember my recipes!!

  4. I’m looking forward to this. I luuuuurve the crockpot(s)! Your mom rocks! Do you know where she got it? My step mother would love that!

  5. Hi Connie,
    I love your site and you have really helped me out on various topics. You always make me laugh….I too have taken up the challenge to read the Bible in 90 days! What a blessing it has been!!
    I cannot wait to try some recommended slow cooker recipes. I have a crockpot but don’t use it as often as I should. I’ll be back to check out some hints and recipes for sure. Thank you!!

  6. Whats in my crockpot? Hmmm, actually, nothing. Because I need recipes! Especially some that don’t turn into slop. I hope to try some new ones.

    Mrs. Smockity…I am still hoping to hear back from you concerning how to go about ordering one of your aprons!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      @rachel, Eek! I’m sorry I never got back to you! I’ve been trying to set up an Etsy shop. Actually, I have it set up, but am not happy with the picture of the apron and I only have one up (the roses, I think)

      In any case, you can order an apron there (roses or strawberries – just let me know). My shop name is “Smockity”.

  7. Oh, in some major lustation over that crock pot. I am saving my pennies for one of those! As for recipes, look for me there, toots! Your brilliant, you know that?

  8. I love cooking in my crockpot…yours is super cool!! I can’t wait to get some new recipes to try! Great idea!

  9. Oh, I LOVE crockpot cooking. I can’t wait for this!

  10. I have my crock pot going right now! I tend to make only 2 variations in my crock pot – some sort of beef stew or some sort of bean/lentil soup. Oh, and of course spaghetti sauce.

    Todays variation:
    about 1 lb of beef
    can of diced tomatoes
    1 cup split peas
    half of a small squash, cut into smallish chunks
    3 large carrots, cut into coins
    Italian Seasoning
    Steak Spice
    Enough water to cover the top of what’s in the pot.

    When I get home, I’ll probably add the garlic I just remembered I forgot. I also forgot an onion. The beauty is…you can improvise!

  11. I forgot to say the beef is cubed, for stew…

    I also use the crock pot to heat things up. So I may have a nice soup that I made on the stove previously and I’ll warm it up in the crock pot so that it’s ready for lunch right after church.

  12. try a year of crockpotting. yummy recipes for every meal and great dips and appitizers crockpot365.blogspot.com

  13. This is going to be fabulous and tasty beyond all get-out! I am getting my recipes ready. We’ll all be eating so well and have hours of free time when all these recipes get posted. Thank you for doing this and bringing so many people together.


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