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Coming Soon to a Smockity Near You

Beginning on March 11, I will be participating in a weekly series with two magnificent bloggers who are letting me ride on their coat tails. I may or may not have begged them to let me into their club, but let's not talk about that, okay?

Kim (mom of 10) from Life in a Shoe and Kimberly (another mom of 10) from Raising Olives are joining with me to present the series which will include posts on scheduling, meals, chores, homeschooling, and more.

We are working out all the details as we speak, and are open to suggestions from our readers as to what you would like to see us write about.

We haven't firmly nailed down a name for our little gig, but I'm thinking along the lines of  "How Moms of Many Manage Maniac Monkeys" or something like that.

So, do you have topics you would like to see in our series? What about a catchy title?

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  1. Love the title you have! As a mom of three male monkeys, I would love tips on scheduling, chores, and routine in general.

  2. 3 of my favorite bloggers writing on topics I need so much advice on…what a blessing! I can’t wait!

    I have enough questions to give you post ideas for months. Literally. I have three little people under 5 and we’re going to start homeschooling at the end of summer.

    – Getting the house clean. Not even presentable – just clean.
    – I can’t find time to sleep – how do you decide what to give up when it all seems important?
    – Do you volunteer at church? I’m doing it but it’s taxing me.
    – How do you find time to blog? I also run a home biz. Again…do you just not sleep? :)
    – Appropriate chores for different ages.
    – Hospitality – Do you invite people over often? Would love to do it, but seems overwhelming to me.

    Can’t wait to read your wisdom!


  3. I would love to hear about how each of you started out your career-mom/homeschool lives. What were your biggest mistakes/blunders, & what did you learn from them? Are you able to laugh at them now?
    I know you used to have a job outside the home (I’m not sure about the others) & I would really like to know what feelings & thoughts, struggles & triumphs you had when you made that transition.

    And on a more practical note, I want to hear more about how you manage to homeschool older children without having to duct tape the younger ones to the front porch rail. I will be homeschooling my 7yo for the summer (to catch him up) and have no idea how I’m going to manage. Even an hour of homework a day is a challenge with my two year old running amok… how on earth am I going to manage 4-5 hours??? Should we just have more children so the little guy has someone to play with?

  4. All of the topics you discussed sound great–I will eagerly await hearing the tips for all of those areas! I am the homeschooling mom of our 7 children 11 1/2 yrs. down to 22 1/2 months, and am due in 2 months time for our 2nd set of twins (1st set is going to be 4 in May), so we will soon have 9 children under 12 (not to mention 5 children under 4 yrs. for the couple weeks until the first set of twins has their 4th birthday! LOL). I think I could use some advice! How about a name of Inherent Wisdom from Incredible Moms of Many or Moms of Many Advise on the Mundane to the Miraculous? LOL Seriously, I have no idea–all of you are creative–I am sure you will come up with a great name!

  5. I love Kim from Life in a Shoe and I am new to Smockity and already adore you, Connie. I am so excited to see what you guys have to say. I hope there will be videos tutorials.
    I like Moms of Many for a name.

  6. Oh, I am looking forward to it. I have questions too. I have been following you for several months now, but I want to know your stance on modesty between your children. Our oldest three are boys (7,5, and nearly 3) and the baby is a girl. We are trying to decide how we want to handle the modesty. Should we let our son help by changing the baby’s diapers, or not? We continue to change our minds. We don’t make a big deal of the differences, nor do we want to flaunt them. How do you handle it at your house?
    I also agree with Kelly. Homeschooling the two older ones and maintaining some sense of order with the younger ones is very difficult. We do most of school while the baby is down for a nap (or at least quietly in her bed). I hope these questions are among those you will be able to answer.
    For Laura, try http://www.motivatedmoms.com for a printable chore planning system. For $8 you can download a planner that breaks down a housecleaning chart for the whole year into DO-ABLE chunks. Seriously, how often do I clean the dining room light fixture? Um, I think just once . . . before our second child was born. And I can handle just cleaning one shelf of the fridge every week. That isn’t too much!
    Thanks, Smockity Frocks!

  7. How neat, I surely need all the help I can get. I am only a mom of two little boys can’t imagine how mom’s of 10 do it, this will be enlightening.

  8. That’s great, Connie! :)

  9. I saw one of your posts mention that you only have ‘friend parties’ for the 5, 10, and 15 year birthdays. My question is: When did you have this (and other ideas that are similar) idea; when you had one or two, or after the family got bigger? And then my next question is along those same lines: Did you get tons of good advice before you had kids, or have you been adjusting the guidelines as you went along?

    Another question: How do you all manage STUFF? Like toys, birthday and Christmas gifts that take up space, out-grown clothes, stuff you bring home, etc.? We live in a tiny house with our family of 6, and it seems that I need a couple of hours a day to manage folding and putting away laundry, the pile of hand-me-downs received at church, the pile of outgrown clothes, papers picked up on errands, crafts the kids make, blah, blah, blah.

    And . . . regarding the two previous questions on gifts from birthdays and Christmas: we try to limit what WE give our kids, but what do you do about grandparents and giving? Sometimes we end up with so much stuff that takes up more space than we have, more toys than the kids will play with, and trinkets that, for kids, are kind of unecessary. We have fun at the holidays, but afterward it seems like all that stuff is a lot of work to manage!

    Thanks, and I’m really looking forward to this series.

  10. Looking forward to this series…

    I have 5 boys ages 10 down to 5 mos…I need to know with kids these ages how you get/keep your house clean…ugh! Also, please address the sock issue…you must all have it….we go through more socks than seems humanly possible…and they never seem to have enough clean or with out holes…HELP!
    thanks, Taryn

  11. Hi Rebecca,

    You’re not alone with having a bundle of blessings in a short time frame. Our first 7 were born in 8 years and we also had 9 kids 11 and younger, but we have not been blessed with twins. It’s so much fun to see how close the relationships are as they grow.

  12. I would love to see “case studies” on how you deal with different behavior problems or sins. Maybe you could tell how you dealt with a certain situation that a child did without telling us which child so they are not embarrassed.
    Things like: lying, selfishness, materialism, bossiness, talking back, general disobedience, etc.

  13. Looking forward to the weekly series! I have 7 under 13, and I love your blog! I keep it under favorites so I can occasionally “visit” to see what’s new.