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Not Me!

I did NOT use the ground beef that I left out on the counter for over two hours last week, while crossing my fingers and hoping the Food Poisoning Angel of Scurvy would pass by our house. (Actually, I asked a few of my foodie friends about it and they were pretty sure it would be okay.)

All of us survived, so my foodie friends were right! (whew!)

I certainly did NOT take my two year old to church in a beautiful velvet collared dress and sneakers because we could only find one of her church shoes. And if I were to bribe my children to look for the baby's missing shoe, there is NO WAY I would offer a dollar to anyone who found it!

I did NOT smell a burning-melting-plastic smell recently and check the dishwasher, only to shrug and start it back up after not noticing a melting Yahtzee cup in the bottom.

Who would wash a Yahtzee cup in the dishwasher? Not me!

If that were to happen, I would surely see it before the next time the dishwasher was full of dirty dishes and bits of food. And I would NOT take a picture of it to post on my blog! Gross!

Your turn. Dare you admit what you did NOT do last week?

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  1. We have offered a dollar on several occasions to anyone who could ‘find the missing baby shoe!’ And it works (although many times it has been Mom who won the dollar). Yay Me!

  2. at least you had shoes!! My first grader went to open house one evening in socks because when we got to school he mentioned that he had forgotten his shoes!!! Kids!!
    love the blog.

  3. Geez…We are ALWAYS losing shoes around here! I haven’t taken one of my kids bare foot to church……Once or twice =)

  4. I mean I HAVE! =)

  5. That is funny. You must be a blogger if….. Great post!

  6. I’ve NEVER done any of these things, nope not me;)

  7. I’ve used the “dollar trick” more than once. Oh no, I should have said, “NOT ME!”

  8. Ha! Sneakers to church is not quite as bad as my blunder last Sunday–I didn’t bring shoes at ALL for my almost 1 y/o. It was our first Sunday at church since she started walking more and I completely forgot. 😛

  9. Just ‘found’ your blog. Great post! Can’t tell you how many times that I’ve prayed over the food that I was preparing!!!!

  10. Hey…I do the dollar thing all the time. Heck, last night I offered by daughter (she’s 11) $5 to find the $20 box of reeds that she “Can’t find anywhere” in her room. She turned it down, figure when I find them today, maybe she’ll pay me??? your right, I doubt it. (The reeds are for her clarinet).