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Make Your Own Bella Band

I have always wanted one of these Bella Bands. You know, those lycra bands pregnant or post partum moms wear to keep their too big pants up?  Being the cheapskate wise spender I am, though, I could never take the leap and buy one.

I have always wished I had one while nursing too, because I like to have something covering my tummy when I lift my shirt in case baby decides to flail at just the wrong time.

Finally, now that I'm expecting my eighth baby, I have figured out how to make my own Bella Band for less than half the price!

First, I experimented on an old white lycra tank top I had because I noticed that when I wore it under shirts, I could pull the stretchy lower part over my pants and it did a great job of keeping them in place.

That's when I got the idea to cut off the "tank" part, and just have the band. It worked exactly as I wanted it to, so I looked around at Walmart and found a cheap black one that I snatched up.

Now, I have one in white and one in black. Just what I wanted, and the total cost was $7!

I'll be wearing my bands throughout my pregnancy and for the duration of my nursing, so I think that gives me a lot of bang for my buck!

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  1. oooh, love this idea! I’m totally gonna do this. Thanks for the tip!!

  2. What a great idea! I never used one but I have a hard time thinking something so simple costs over $20!

  3. Ooo, this is awesome. YOU are awesome!! I love my Bella Band when I’m pregnant and nursing, and this is just too cool to make one so easily and inexpensively! Congrats on your newest baby on the way, too!! =-D

  4. More bang for your buck and more band for you belly! sorry, I just couldn’t resist. Oh how I loved being pregnant! Congrats!

    FYI- I just started a link up called “Feed Me Books Friday” for moms to recommend their favorite children’s books to other moms. I’d love to have you join us some Friday. I absolutely love snuggling up before bedtime with a great story book!


  5. I did that last time! I just took one of hubby’s t-shirts…’cause he’s thinner than I am *cry*
    It works really well!
    btw…when do we get to see a pic of you in your pregnant glory? Hmm?? Pic. We want a pic!

  6. Terrific tip! However, my problem with my last pregnancy was not fitting into ANYTHING AT ALL. Well, I did buy a pair of 2XL pants. Those were humongous. Unfortunately they were also fleece. And being pregnant with twins in the summer in California does not seem the best time for fleece. I donated them to the thrift store. Looking at them lowered my self-esteem. Why did you buy something like that? What were you thinking? and 2 XL? sheesh.

  7. I used the exact same shirt! I have pink, white, and black. I have paid $15 total for all 3 which is less than then the cost of 1 Bella Band. I did buy shirts 1 size smaller than what I normally wear. I found the shirt of the same size tended to ride up though out the day.

  8. I KNEW there had to be a better way. I looked longingly at those things with my last pregnancy. Made a mental note for next pregnancy!

  9. Genius! Too late for pregnancy, but with months of nursing ahead (and a few pair of too-tight jeans) I may have to try this!

  10. I have always wanted one of those, too, Connie…and like you…I’m too frugal. :) Great alternative! Will wait to see how it works for you!

  11. I love my Bella Bands. What a great idea to make them yourself! I used mine throughout pregnancy and the first year of nursing so that when I lifted my shirt to nurse my belly wasn’t a-shining. Now I just wear tank tops, but the bands were awesome.

  12. To clarify: I don’t “just wear tank tops” I wear tank tops under my shirt for modesty :)

  13. Okay, I have been telling myself the same thing….”I’m sure I could just cut up a t shirt and make that on the cheap!” I’m so glad you have tried it and now I might actually proceed with that thought. Do you have a real one? Do they work the same, staying in place? Did you buy the shirt your regular size, or one too small.

  14. I’ve been thinking that it must be possible to make your own! Thanks for this!

  15. Great idea!

    m ^..^

  16. I love this idea! Did you ever see the Friends episode where Joey wears the maternity pants for Thanksgiving? I bet there are a couple of guys that would like a masculine version of this. haha.

  17. GREAT idea!! I’ve been wanting one of those but haven’t ever wanted to pay that much. Thanks!

  18. I take it that you don’t need to hem it? Regardless, great idea! I linked to it on my weekly roundup, the post is under my name. Thanks for sharing!


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