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It All Started With an Ad in Craig’s List

This is a long rambling story with no real point, so you may want to browse my crafts or recipes. Or in case you are in the market for a long pointless story, go ahead and grab yourself a beverage and sit back.


My 14 year old has been wanting an Ipod Nano for some time now, and being the wealthy and generous parental types we are, we told her we would be thrilled for her to have one if, you know, we found one on the sidewalk somewhere or a perfect stranger offered to hand one over to her, but otherwise she had better plan on figuring out how she might obtain one IN THE REAL WORLD.

That's where Craig's List comes in. She is a mighty shrewd business gal and has even come to be the owner of a free 55 gallon fish tank, with stand and accessories, FOR FREE thanks to her bargaining powers and good ol' Craig and his list.

So, when she saw that a nearly new Ipod Nano was listed in Craig's List for $50 in the big city not far from us, she counted her money and set to work convincing me to drive her there to get it.

I acquiesced and we got all the details from the lady who had listed the Ipod. It turns out she had bought it for her 10 year old daughter who rarely used it and wanted an Iphone instead. Well, of course she did! What would life be for a 10 year old without an Iphone?! Nevertheless, what a 10 year old needs with an Iphone is really none of my business, so I told everyone to pile in the van so we could go pick it up.

As we drove nearer and nearer to the address I had Googled, I began to realize that the Nano's owner lived pert near the corner of Perpetually Unemployed Ave. and I Sell Crack St., so I started to get a leetle nervous. We phoned the lady to tell her we were very near her house and would love it if she would meet us outside, only she didn't answer. She called us back in a few seconds to tell us that she was sorry to say she wasn't at home, even though she had told us to come at that particular time.

Apparently, she had what she termed a family emergency (finger quotes) which, judging from the music and laughter in the background, may very well have been in an establishment known for serving hard liquor. But who am I to judge?

She apologized and promised to meet us tomorrow with the Nano in hand. We'll see about that, but I'm not holding my breath. (Stay tuned for Nano updates!)

Since we had already spent almost an hour traveling, I figured we may as well make our trip worthwhile and decided we should visit the historic downtown area. I made all my children's dreams come true by announcing we were going to an old fashioned candy store and everyone could spend a whole entire dollar on any candy they chose! Because remember that I am the wealthy and generous parental type.

I noticed that the downtown area was pretty well deserted, I guess because of the timing of our visit. I found that the candy store was located across from a parking area which advertised reasonable parking rates. The parking lot was empty and there was no attendant in the booth, nor was the entrance blocked, so I figured parking was free during "off" hours.

I parked and we all bailed out and loaded up on as much candy as we could. After about 20 minutes we came out to find I had a parking ticket! I thought it was very odd because there was no one anywhere in sight! Who had been patrolling the parking lot and why hadn't they been on duty earlier when I had wanted to pay?

The ticket had only a mailing address, with no email or phone number. It stated that any postdate after tomorrow would increase the fine $7 per day!

I looked all around and never saw a single soul who would hear my protest. I had been willing to pay for parking, but there was no one to take it, and NOW after only 20 minutes I have a steep fine? Highway robbery!

On top of all that, I had to drive on a very tall overpass to get back home, which makes me verrrry nervous and sweaty. So nervous and sweaty that I drive all of 40 miles per hour, which only causes the cars around me to pass me at blinding speeds, making me more nervous and sweaty.

It didn't help matters that I had a very vivid dream just last night about driving on just such an overpass which turned into a loopy roller coaster right in the middle of my dream. I woke up... you guessed it, nervous and sweaty!

So, to make a long story lengthy, I had a very eventful and costly day.

Now, what would you do about that ticket? What about the Nano? And my fear of overpasses?

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  1. Well, I have to say you are really good at writing long pointless stories (finger quotes). Enjoyable. Thank you. 80)
    As for the parking ticket . . . do you know fer sure if it’s fer real? Bona fide? (finger quotes — I just loved that part and feel it’s necessary to keep repeating it and am considering using it whenever I decide to ever write my own blahg post, again . . . do I have to pay royalties for that?)
    As for the Nano (doesn’t that make you think of Mork & Mindy?) . . . um, I’m thinking there is another one out there that has your daughter’s name on it (and is in a safer location!).
    Thanks so much for sharing your humor (whether you intend to or not).

  2. OMgosh I just about peed myself. Your version of this story is too much.
    Hm, about the parking ticket…definitely give a call and ask for details on parking downtown and tell them you are unaware of any violations….MAYBE if you explain that you really WERE confused they’ll understand?….that does stink though.
    I gotta say, I love Craigslist but I hear this happens all the time….people sell and never show up… I would make her meet you half way this time.

  3. i want an ipod nano too :)

    hope you can visit and leave your mark on my blogs :)
    my real story
    my minute maid

  4. I’m SO laughing right now! I love you and the way you tell stories! So awesome! I can’t wait for you to entertain me (and make me laugh oh-so-hard) at Blissdom!! :)

  5. I don’t even know what Ipods are. I am that slow.

  6. Oh my goodness! Bless your heart.

    1. Find another iPod. There are LOTS out there. If you do get that one, make sure it works!
    2. Call about the mystery parking ticket. One of the reasons I don’t like our downtown area is because of all the rules to parking. Makes no sense to me. :)
    3. Girl you gotta get over the overpass thing. I got into a wreck on a VERY sharp curve. I wasn’t driving but I got the worst of it. It’s sometimes still had for me to be in a car with someone else driving while going around a curve. You can do it!

  7. The title tipped me off right away that this would be one of those so-sad-it’s-funny blogposts. JunkMale always says that Craigslist attracts the scum of society, and in my experience there is a whole lot more of that sort of behavior there than, say, at amazon paperbackswap. Personally, I would find another ipod. There *are* good sellers on Craigslist (JunkMale, for example, sells there quite often), if you can find them.

    As for the parking ticket, those downtown cops are the meanest lot. I lived in downtown Atlanta for five years while I was at Tech, and let me tell you, they’re just spiteful. It’s worth a call, but I’d be prepared to run to the post office today.

  8. My first thought on the parking ticket is that it is a scam. No ordinary business adds a fine if you take more than a day to pay it. I would look into it more before sending a check. I also might give up on the Ipod, but it stinks for your daughter.

  9. As for the ticket, was it a privately owned parking lot or a city lot? My hubby parks in a private lot daily in Dallas and those citations are by the company and usually have a place to protest. I would definitely protest the ticket. Hope things work out with that.

    As for the iPod, teach a lesson on patience and look for another.

  10. You are hilarious! I’m sure you weren’t laughing at all at the time, but really this is funny. Craigslist is a wonderful site to browse, but there are A LOT of scams and we have a lot of robbery in the Chicago-area where people set up meetings for transactions and then get held up… so please be very careful! Maybe agree to meet at an established business rather than someone’s house.

    As for the ticket, call a local police department in that big city and be sure it is real and ask how you could be sure to pay for the spot next time.

    Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions about the overpass – I have the same fear of that and bridges. And dream about them. And sweat nervously about it! Great, now I’m sweating nervously from writing about it. 😉

    Hey, today I have a guessing game on my blog, wanna take a peek?

  11. ROFLOL! Wow. Well, to answer your questions:

    1. Is there a phone number or address on the ticket? If so, I’d call and verify its validity ans challenge it since there was no attendant. If not, I’d assume it’s a scam-can you contact the DMV or police to verify?

    2. Sounds fishy. If they don’t show tomorrow I’d be all over Craigslist with negative mojo. And capture her # to hand off to the police as a scam artist.

    3. Leace the kids at home and spend 1 full hour driving back and forth over the bridge, you’ll be over your fear in no time :)

  12. I used to live just south of Ft Worth and the whole time I lived there I had the same overpass-turning-into-rollercoaster dreams!! The only thing that made them go away was moving!

  13. Toppytiger says:

    My two cents are expensive in the short term. Pay the ticket. In my city those late fees are real. The recommendation by the city is pay and then protest to get reimbursed. On the nano by her one they have refurbished ones at Apple for good prices, and have her pay you back. Basically parental pay away because she did as you asked and figured it out on her own, she shouldn’t have to pay for being young and trusting a flaky seller.

  14. Alice McD says:

    I just want to challenge your fear by asking you something: You can plan ahead of time to give birth to numerous babies without any painkillers, and keep yourself calm and composed to work your way through hours of discomfort, but you can’t drive for 30 seconds on somethat that has never ACTUALLY collapsed or turned into a loopy roller coaster under you? Are you crazy?

    Is that supportive enough? I can be more drill-sergeanty if you need me to. You’re welcome.

  15. Oh no, what a day! I agree and I would pass on that particular Nano, sounds kinda shifty. And I break out into a cold sweat on overpasses and bridges. If Scott is driving over a bridge he knows to drive on the INSIDE lane:)

  16. 1. Call city hall about the ticket.
    2. I love Craigslist, but you gotta take the good with the bad. I NEVER go to someone’s house to pick up an item I’ve bought. I ALWAYS meet in a public place. ahem.
    3. I’m with ya about the overpasses and bridges and such. And, I lived on a barrier island off the coast of NC for a few years. Whew!

  17. So did you guys get the ipod?

    (And I agree with others. Always always meet in a public place for exchanges like this.)


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