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Handmade Christmas Gifts

My super smart 14 year old daughter decided to make handmade Christmas gifts for her brother and sisters this year. Here are a few of them.

Here is a very happy sister with her felt, stuffed puppy dog.

This sister has been wanting a rag doll for years. She was so proud to finally get one, handmade by her sister!

Here are two personalized felt books for little girls.

Counting buttons

A zipper pocket with all the letters of the alphabet inside

This page is the baby's favorite. The teddy bear is attached to a ribbon so it won't get lost. She loves taking it out of the pocket and tucking it back in again.

Another zipper pocket with seashells from our beach vacation inside.

Seashell coasters

Seashell locket necklace

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  1. Those are wonderful homemade gifts! She sounds like such a blessing.

  2. I love those gifts! You are super creative Maddielynn!

  3. Wow, I'm impressed by both her talent and commitment!

  4. Kelly Family says:

    I love home made gifts!

  5. Jill Roper says:

    These gifts are wonderful. I love homemade gifts, very special. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. Very creative!! Kudos!

  7. These are beautiful and so sweet of her to make!

  8. Weird Unsocialized Mom says:

    How incredibly clever and creative! She did a great job and I bet her siblings love having a gift made especially for them by their sister. I'm totally impressed.

  9. Wow.. I thought I did good w/my handmade gifts, but these are really impressive! I love the books!

  10. Wow! Good job MaddieLynn. Those are incredible gifts. I especially like the books. :)

  11. Beautiful gifts and talented daughter. My favorites are the felt books with pockets. They keep little hands busy!