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Be Frugal, Drink Water

I have written before about how we like to be frugal and drink water, but it was brought to mind when I was buying those cute little juice boxes for our Celebrate Fall party.

I was going for simple, so I didn't want to have to pour kool aid into cups, and I wanted the party to be something special, so I went ahead and splurged on something we normally don't have.

I thought of how much extra I would have to shell out if our kids were accustomed to drinking juice or soft drinks as a daily habit.

We offer milk to our children at meal times and tap water at all other times throughout the day.

If we are going out, say to gymnastics, I fill up these nifty stainless steel water bottles from the tap.

On the rare occasion that we eat out, we order water to drink.

It really is a simple way to keep your money in your pocket. Be frugal, drink water!

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  1. I am blessed! says:

    Saves a bunch of unnecessary calories, too!

  2. Great point, plus it is so much healthier. Hubby never got to drink sodas at home or when they ate out as a kid. It was a huge treat when they got a soda…I'm afraid my kids aren't quite as appreciative as they get sodas when we go out. But I'm thinking things need to change:)

  3. ...they call me mommy... says:

    Amen! :)

  4. We do the same in our house, although we also offer "half & half" (half fruit juice, half water) once a day to mix it up a bit.

    My kids do not get soda (we call soda a "grown up drink," just like alcohol!)… except we do allow our 6yo to have a root beer on very rare occasions (like 3 times a year). When he does get one, he's always so excited & appreciative!

  5. Hoosier Homemade says:

    With teenagers in the house, it's hard for me to keep up with drinks. In the last several months I have stopped buying pop (soda), but I will have to say, that pop is cheaper. My 16 DS & his girlfriend go thru a bottle of apple juice in one afternoon. Thank goodness for Aldi's.
    I saw over the summer to put a pitcher of water with fresh fruit in it in the frig, I need to do that.