What's the big deal about Young Living

Not Me!

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Being the Mother of the Year Who Has It All Together type, I certainly did not make my child a homemade counting activity that left out a number.

I did not remain clueless about the missing digit for an untold number of days.

And when I published a photo of that activity in my post on homeschooling with preschoolers, and my husband called from work to say, "Uuuuummmmmmm... where's eight?" I did not think that HE was the crazy one and tell him that I specifically remember putting an eight in.

In similar Mother of the Year style, I did not open the pantry, see the following site, and ponder it for 15 seconds before closing the door to walk away and pretend I hadn't seen it.

And if I had, I certainly would not have gone to get the camera to document it for the world wide web.

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  1. nak- funny about counting activity. i didn't even notice.

  2. Anne Alagna says:

    survey, check!

    Forgot a number, check!

    PB everywhere… check! Now stay out of my cupboards and take some photos at your own house! LOL!

  3. I don't get it. What am I supposed to notice about the peanut butter? Looks just like the one in my pantry.

    And the numbers? Who needs 8? It's over-rated.

  4. u reminded me of my childhood…….I used to do the same b4 my teenage……breaking things and saying it wasn't me….keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.