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To Catch a Hummingbird

My three year old found a hummingbird today. It reminded me of the time my son caught a blue jay and let it go in our house. We still have blue feathers on the ceiling to prove it. Do these things happen to ordinary people?

This little guy didn't make it into the house.

The neck feathers were so much more brilliant than this photo shows. (Click photo to enlarge.)

We helped it to the feeder and it drank for a good while and then flew away. You can see the tongue in this photo.

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  1. What a neat experience!!!

  2. Wow! I'm jealous, but so glad you got pictures.

  3. That is so cool. We have a pair of hummers around the house and recently they enjoyed flying over to the window and watching us if we are sitting there:)

  4. We've had 3 birds in out house 3 different times. I thought we were the only ones lol.

    That is a beautiful bird, and I have never seen the tongue of a humming bird, awesome!

  5. Wow! That is amazing! I can't wait to show these pictures to Dale – he will love them.
    I'd like to say my boys were out rescuing wildlife right now, but they're actually knee-deep in a mud puddle.
    Oh well.

  6. Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy says:

    I'm usually pretty calm about nature stuff but that would have freaked me out. I'd have been worrying "What's wrong with it? Why is it letting us hold it? Avian Flu! Ahhhhh!"

  7. Very cool!

    My kids have never brought any blue jays into the house, but our cats have, lol!

  8. That is incredible! I'm so glad you got pictures!

  9. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Wow, what a wee, beautiful, precious thing! I would be marveling all day at having been able to hold such a little treasure. How special that God granted you that experience!

  10. No. These things happen to extra-ordinary people! I've had occasion to chase a bird out of my house, too. : )

  11. OMGOSH! That is fantastic! I have never heard of anyone catching a hummingbird. Very cool!

  12. Mary Mac says:

    Love these photos. I’ve never heard of anyone finding a hummingbird like that. How cool!
    We have three boys and they come in the house with some crazy stuff too. So far no birds, thank goodness! More like the usual kid stuff, worms, frogs, stray cats. You know.
    Makes life fun!

  13. I would love to hold a Hummingbirds! We love watching ours.

  14. Nancy L. says:

    That’s so cool! I’ve never seen one up close. What a cool experience for your kiddos!

  15. O wow that’s amazing! How did she manage to catch it?

  16. very cool. we planted seeds that were supposed to grow into hummingbird-attracting flowers, but nothing came up really..maybe next year!