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Not Me Monday

I did NOT leave the powdered coffee creamer open on the counter last week and when I heard a chair being slowly and methodically pushed across the kitchen, I did NOT ignore it so I could finish up math flash cards with the second grader.

I was NOT thinking, "The baby is up to no good in there. I just know it, but I reeeeeally need to finish this up before I survey the damage."

I do NOT let the children jump on the trampoline in the rain and even if I did, I certainly would NOT let them do it in their church clothes.

'Cause, yo, that'd be WACK!

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  1. hehe! I get that feeling when teaching sometimes – I jsut know somewhere in my class a little monkey is up to no good but I really need to finish talking with another child/demonstrating something/finish stapling up the last of the display before I investigate!!

    Sabrina x


  2. LOVE the trampoline pictures….she looks adorable and miserable at the same time! And I have gotten into loads of trouble ignoring what I know is a mess in the making.

  3. The Momma Bird says:

    I'm loving the trampoline pictures! I've always loved playing in the rain so I try to encourage my kids to do the same (as long as it's not storming, of course.)

    And I've never ignored the tell-tale sounds of my 3yo getting into trouble just so I could finish up school with the older ones. Nope! Not me! :)

    I've never visited you blog before but enjoyed your NMM!!

  4. Thanks for the smile.

  5. LOL Thanks for sharing… Happy NMM

  6. Mmmm… powdered creamer.. what a snack!

    Glad to know I'm not the only one that ignores that I-know-better-but-I'm-busy mommy sense. That has gotten me into trouble more than once!

  7. This is great. The pictures are great and you gave me a smile tonight.

  8. You should also not let them ever put liquid soap on the trampoline and play on it in the rain. My mother NEVER did. 😉

  9. completelyunperfectmom says:

    Mmmmmmm, Vanilla creamer!!!

  10. I get totally freeked out when the rain comes and my kids are in it. LOL I need to let my hair down and let them have some fun. Your family really looked like they were having fun.

  11. Lol! My sister eats creamer powder too!

  12. Found you from MckMama – love the creamer story….nope I have never allowed my 2 year old to do something messy so I could get something done :)

  13. LOL! Connie, you always make me laugh, it vagely reminds me of my childhood hahahaha!