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Our Homeschool Room Organization

I recently posted pictures of the tubs my children decorated to hold their school work, and I thought I'd show you here how I have organized our homeschool this year.

Each child has his or her own tub that holds all the books they need each day. That way, there will (hopefully) be no more, "I can't find my math book!" scenarios

All of the tubs are kept together in one location with the teacher's guides, resource books, and any other supplies that might be needed.

That bookshelf is in what was formerly the breakfast room, which might make a perfectly adequate and darling little area for an average size family, but which was overwhelmed by our numbers. I pushed the little breakfast table which once held our little family over against the left wall so there is room for more children to sit and work. The schedule and a map of the world are also posted on that wall.

That's what is working for me!

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  1. I love the personally decorated tubs – and how easy to tote around to wherever they're needed. Great job organizing!

  2. Home School Dad says:

    Fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I linked your WFMW post to my own this week. :)


  4. The Activity Mom says:

    Looks great!

  5. Looks so nice & spacious! Great job.

  6. Love your school-space. I can't imagine what the future will hold for us, since for now we keep all our 'stuff' crowded around our dining area. I'm constantly scoping what others are doing!

  7. Our kids each have a white tub, too … which sit on a low bookshelf like yours, also.

    mama of 13

  8. I think you need to include a video clip to the article as a way to make it much more interesting. Even though I loved your writing style

  9. As pretty as some of the other rooms are on Pinterest yours caught my eye because it is feasible! While I do have a “home office / play room” that we are converting for a school room it is still a small space especially for multiple children. I love the white tubs and for some reason I have several around I can repurpose without buying anything new! That’s for the down to earth view into your schooling area I love it!!!