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Uno Card Games

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Since we have instituted "Family Game Night", we have decided that the Uno Card Game is the game that best suits our entire family, all nine of us, from The Three Year Old to The Daddy. (Okay, The Baby just licks the cards, but that still participating. Right?)

We can all play together, and we have a blast doing it, but sometimes, we like to divide the deck in half and have two games going at once.

Even the three and five year old can carry on their own game without any help while another group plays right beside them at the same time.

To add some spice, it's fun to play a little tournament and let the winners face off in a tense and highly charged Final Victory Show Down... er... if your family is the fiercely competitive type, which I would know nothing about. Ahem.

Anyway, we love Uno! It's great for all ages and even helps the little ones practice numbers and matching.

Works For Me!

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  1. One of our family game night faves as well. We love adding our own rules, too. Like when the color changes you have to switch directions. If you point you get a card. Always a new game!

  2. We love to play Uno too :) We also have Uno Attack which I thought would not be that different but it is so fun!!!

  3. We like Uno too!

    Also, I've passed on an award to you. Check it out on my blog.

  4. Uno is one of our favorites, too. Sometimes my husband and I even play a few 'quick' rounds with each other when the boys are in bed. We only deal out 1 or 2 cards to each other and see how quickly a round will end. Sometimes in just a turn or two, and sometimes you end up with a handfull of cards, just like in a 'real' game!

  5. The Happy Housewife says:

    We love Uno! Have you ever played Uno Attack? We got that a few years ago and it has become our new favorite game! I love that even young kids can play Uno!

  6. Smockity Frocks says:

    At one time we had Uno Attack, but the card spitter outer thingy kept malfunctioning. It would sometimes misfire and spit out 20 or so cards and sometimes nothing would come out. It gave me stress. And heartburn.

  7. We love UNO! Hubby and I actually get together with a couple who is our best buddies and play team UNO. Wives against Hubbies. It is so much fun.

  8. Emily Ann says:

    Hey, I found your blog through The Happy Housewife's 50 comments challenge. The hubby and I love Uno! I can't wait to play it with our kiddos someday too.

  9. We love Uno, too! I only have one child, so his dad and I have played a lot of two-player Uno games with him. He made up a house rule for two-player Uno: When you play a Reverse, you trade hands and switch places with your opponent. That really spices things up!

    Click on my name for more recommendations for games for kids. Has your family tried Fluxx? It's great for a wide range of ages because there's so much more chance than strategy involved in winning.

  10. "…the card spitter outer thingy kept malfunctioning."

    I dont think it was malfunctioning, That is how it is supposed to be. You never know how many cards you get stuck with or if you'll be the lucky one that gets nothing. It just adds to the fun:) Except that my kids would sometimes cry if they got hit with a lot of cards-it is good for teaching good sportsmanship!

  11. I love that game. We used to play it at my brother in law's but they never wanna anymore. Iuno why.

  12. I just love playing UNO games with my 3 small kids….it means a lot to me…….makes me feel Iv spend good time with them……