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The Difference Between Boys and Girls

I have already shown how my boy likes to stand out in a crowd. I find it interesting that my girls would never think of shimmying up a wall for a photo op.

Occasionally, I'll notice other times when my boy stands apart from the girls, like this week when we decorated school tubs.

Here is an example of my nine year old daughter's tub.

She decorated all sides with very carefully and lovingly placed stickers and swirls.

Here are the tubs my three year old and five year old worked on. They spent a good amount of time carefully prettying up all sides.

Aaaaaand here is the boy's tub.

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  1. That is funny. :)

  2. fangmommy says:

    I don't get that. Of course I am one of three girls, and both me and my sisters all have all girls. So I guess it's not mine to understand! LOL!

  3. Hehe… that's cute!

  4. Ok. That seriously cracked. us. UP.
    ("us" being my husband and me)

    But only because we can totally identify!

  5. Fun stuff :) When my parents adopted my brothers, they would always have people tell them, "now, boys are different from girls". :)

  6. I have just one boy (he's almost 11) and two WAY older girls (23 & 25).
    He was our big surprise! Anyways, I truly get it, and your post put a big smile on my face.

    I homeschool my son, too. Let's see, his attitude is this: OK, just lay it on the table, what do you want me to do and let's get it over with! And arts and crafts, hmmm not his cup of mocha, unless he is spray painting his match box cars.

    Or, perhaps you could say that some boys are very practical, while at the same time very mischievous, and yet very charming to their mama's.

  7. Phillips Family says:

    LOVE IT! Such a priceless commentary on a woman's need to decorate and a man's tendency to just go with the plain and simple choice.

  8. I was listening to Andrew Pudewa talk about the differences between boys and girls. He was saying boys have more rods which detect motion and girls have more cones that detect color. So boys don't see as many shades as girls. Plus boys think in verbs and girls think in nouns – a boy will draw a picture of a rocket ship going out into space while a girl draws a house and a family and flowers and clouds and a sun and . . . .

    My daughter spends her free time drawing, my son has to be forced to draw.

  9. Okay, Jackson. That made us chuckle. It is so true, so true. :)

  10. Cheryl - Somewhat Crunchy says:

    LOL, I don't have any girls. Welcome to my world. My plain, colorless (hyperactive) world :)

  11. LOL. My son would do the same exact thing.


  12. I LOVE it!!!! :)

  13. Haha! Too funny, so true and so funny!