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Coffee Filters for Bowls

Have you seen what's up for grabs at Smockity Reviews and Giveaways?
Do you know the Bible verse where God promises to comfort those that mourn and give them "beauty for ashes"? Well this is nothing like that.

But the title of my post reminded me of it.


When I posted pictures of my delicious Cracker Jack Snack, my friend, Jaynee, commented to tell me that I am a genius.

A genius, she said!

So, I figured I had better live up to that and do a whole post on this idea which she loved.

Using coffee filters for bowls.

Anytime we are having a dry-ish snack, like popcorn or party mix, I like to use coffee filters. They are perfect for holding about a single serving, and the bowl shape keeps all the snacks where they should be.

Best of all, they are disposable, so when we are through we just toss them in the trash for an easy clean up.

It works for me!

Your friendly neighborhood genius,

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  1. Phyllis Sommer says:

    good tip! excellent for parties, too, i'd bet…

  2. Innkeeper Seely says:

    Interesting idea, thanks.

  3. That's a great idea. We have a whole box of the wrong size filters that I don't know what to do with. Thanks!

  4. Col @ life by muse says:

    Nice idea! I use paper-plate-bowls and wind up spending more money plus filling up my garbage with these things! Love this tip!

  5. Janel@Dandelion Dayz says:

    Good tip!

  6. I love this idea (and coffee filters are compostable, so you don't have to toss them if you don't want to). I usually break out the filters when we do candy-related crafts (like at Halloween and Christmas) because of how handy they are for keeping potentially messy things together. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awesome idea!

    #1 spot again!

  8. Julie Bagamary says:

    Great idea and I would think they are compostable.

  9. Great idea! I was going to mention the compost thing but Kelly beat me to it :-)

  10. chili pepper says:

    Good idea. Easy cleanup. Lots to go around. I love it!

  11. Oh, that IS a good idea! And they're super-cheap, too!

  12. What a great idea! 😀 I've got some in my cabinet.

  13. Great idea. This is one of those ideas where you go, why didn't I think of that.

    Thanks for the tip!

  14. Cheryl - Somewhat Crunchy says:

    I LOVE that! Disposable, but not as wasteful as a whole paper plate!

  15. Great idea! Thank you. My kids would love having their own little disposable bowls.

  16. This is GENIUS! 😉
    Great tip! Thanks for sharing it! We will be using this idea (and trying the caramel corn too) this coming Friday when we have family movie night!

  17. Amy Ellen says:

    Great Tip! Thanks for sharing…
    Amy Ellen from Health Begins With Mom

  18. You are a genius!

  19. You know I have seen this before but never gave it much thought. This would be a great way to serve snacks to my Sunday school class – kindergarteners – instead of buying paper plates. Thanks for reminding me of a great way to save my church some money.

    Elaine H

  20. That is a great idea. But we have a coffee machine with a built in filter that gets used everytime so we dont buy them. :(

    Maybe we have a reason to now.:)

    Love and Prayers,


  21. Great idea! I've seen it done in daycares many a time…

  22. Yes, it's a nice way not to have too much work after a party, but wven though you can throw them in the compost, they cost a lot to make, both money and environment.

    Kids here love half coconutbowls, works for us.

  23. The Lockwood Family says:

    Yep…now that's more like it…I'm the 23rd comment on this post! I told you that you're a genius…and since I recognized it before anyone else did, that makes me a a bit smart too…because to quote my friend Billy when I was in 4th grade, "It takes one to know one!" 😉

  24. Great tip :) I'll have to try this out with my son.

  25. Just found your blog & love it! We found the coffee filter trick a few yrs ago quite by accident, a jar of peanuts spilled on the counter…yes in to the filters I'd left out…works great for cereral snacks too!