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Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen

We have been enjoying our trampoline a lot lately. Everyone likes to take turns showing off the tricks that have been learned and practiced.

Here is my son demonstrating a flip that he has spent a lot of time perfecting.

I was even able to impress all my children greatly when I showed them that I could STILL do flips, but you won't be seeing a photo of that here. Do you know why?

Thaaaaat's right. I ripped the seat right out of my pants whilst showing off.

"Pride goeth before destruction..."

And do you know what those darling children, that I have spent hours training to be sensitive and compassionate to those less fortunate, did? They began laughing hysterically and chanting in unison about the color of my under britches!

"...and a haughty spirit before a fall."

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  1. The Pauls' Family says:

    Ripped pants or not…hats off to you for still being able to do a flip! Sometimes children can be so……..funny :)

  2. A Blessed Wife and Mom says:

    That is TOO funny!

  3. Cardamom says:

    My children would never do anything like that… :-)

  4. jennifer says:

    That is pretty funny! At least you know how to have a good time with the kiddos!!

  5. Oh….wish I had been there. I would have never, never laughed. (giggle.) :)

    I am impressed that you can do a flip. I can not.

  6. r4 ds games says:

    ha ha ha ha ha……it must have been fun for him…..hope he isn't injured……..keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.