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A Cautionary Tale

As my act of service to the world at large, I try to use this blog for good and not evil. It is just my little way of giving back.

That is why I come to you today with a warning.

Never go shopping when you are jacked up on two Benadryl and a Zyrtec.

No matter how bad your allergies are, do not drive to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist what more you can take on top of what you already have taken, because he will advise you that you really shouldn't have taken what is already in your system and besides, you shouldn't be driving around in that state.

If you do find yourself in that situation, DO NOT, under any circumstances, buy a decorative item for your home, because if you do, when you come to your senses, you may very well find yourself with one of these:

Then, your smarty pants 14 year old daughter will point out that you just spent good money on a ceramic example of improper punctuation.

That's when you will notice that there is nary a period to be found in the whole run on sentence, not to mention the incorrect use of an apostrophe in "it's." Sure, you can try to convince everyone that you bought it as an example of what not to do, but they will not believe you and that ceramic wall hanging will mock you each time you see it.

Just say no to shopping while over medicated.

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  1. Dana~Are We There Yet? says:

    Let's see here…

    If you give a Smockity a Zyrtec, she's going to want a Benadryl to go with it.

    When she's all hopped-up on allergy meds, she's going to want to "save money" and "live better", so she'll go to Wal Mart.

    Yep. I've got the whole story already laid out in my head. Now would be a great time to thank God for his manifold blessings, not the least of which is that you don't live in my head. Feel better soon!

  2. Oh no! That's what we get when all our stuff is made *ahem*… overseas.

    Lol.. thanks for the warning!

  3. Hang it up upside down.

  4. ooo. My smarty pants 17 year old would definitely rub that it. eek. :)

    Hope you feel better.

  5. karen b says:

    our family was in your neck o' the woods tonight — ate at babe's (yum) and saw joseph at the opera house (very entertaining) — big night in g-town!!

  6. Pat's Place says:

    Hope you get to feeling better soon–and not with meds!

  7. Sorry about the allergies, but it made a good story:)

  8. Cardamom says:

    I really love how you write! Hilarious!! And, warning is taken. I thought all you had to do was never go shopping when hungry…

  9. LOL– that is so hilarious. It sounds like something I might do. Maybe you could return the un-grammatical bit of decor.

  10. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Whooh! That ceramic saying made me cringe! Sorry you bought a bummer. You are so funny. :)

  11. Kimberly @ RaisingOlives says:

    You always make me smile, thanks.

    Psst, love the new look!!

  12. Hahaha!! Oh my goodness, that was a good chuckle-I hope your allergies feel better now! And thanks for the head up on the free mochas at McD's-whoo hoo!!

  13. Oh my goodness. I have tears in my eyes….. thanks for the laugh. :)

  14. Ya know? What bothers me most isn’t that you drove while drugged or made a regretful purchase. It’s why in the world anyone would make so many grammatical errors on one piece of ceramic and actually go on to have it reproduced! My brain hurts.

  15. You were able to DRIVE on Benedryl?? I’m impressed. Or scared. :) I hope you took a nap after you got home! I can’t even see straight on that stuff.

  16. Return it!! :)

  17. This cracks me up! Wonder what the pharmacist thought when he saw the gaggle of children riding around with you? Haha! Glad you all made it home safely…but you should definately return the home decor item! However, wait until the meds wear off! ;-0


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