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Blog Frog

Have you seen my new little Blog Frog gadget over in the right left sidebar? It's the pink box about half way down.

It's a handy dandy feature that shows where my visitors are coming from. If you link to me and come here from the link on your blog (or any of your visitors do) your blog will be featured in my Blog Frog.

So go ahead and join my "community". It's simple. Just click "Become a member" and you're IN!

Then, be sure to weigh in on my forum discussion: Are you the early, on time, or late type?

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  1. sadly :o( i am the "late type" but fortunately :o) i am the first to comment… go figure!

  2. Thanks for your post about TheBlogFrog! We're so happy to have you as part of the family. I just joined your community and am heading over to answer your question (which is a fabulous one, BTW). Nice to discover your blog!

    Holly at TheBlogFrog

  3. Cardamom says:

    Love the new header! I liked the old one, too… :-)