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Summer Photo Contest

UPrinting.com is a leading online provider of business cards, color brochures and mailing postcards and they are sponsoring a summer photo contest with a $250 prize!

Here is my entry. I like to call this one "Scuba Diver in Training".

Can you think of another title for this?

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  1. A Blessed Wife and Mom says:

    I can't think of a cuter name, but that picture is GREAT!

  2. "mawnmy – ahm weady fo fwhimin"

  3. I like big feet and I cannot lie…

    (Sung to the tune of a song with apparently really bad lyrics, which I've never bothered to look up, I just sing the part I've heard on Shrek whenever I look in the mirror: I like big butts and I cannot lie…)

  4. UPrinting.com | Online Printing says:

    “Let’s Get It On, Mum!” could be a good caption for this. She looks so awesomely adorable in her giant flippers and pink girly diving gear. I’m sure she had so much fun in the water!

  5. Harmony says:

    "We're going to need a bigger boat…"