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The Near Stinksaster of Aught Nine

Don't you hate it when during all the rushing around and braiding hair and wiping faces and zipping up dresses on Sunday morning, you forget to put on deodorant so you comfort yourself by thinking it's okay because you'll just do a lot of leisurely walking at church and make no sudden movements and never lift your arms above your head so as not to break a sweat?

And then at church you get invited over to someone's house for lunch and a full day of water skiing in the hot sunny sun, so after services you high tail it home, grab the swim suits and sunscreen and head down the road forgetting all about your lack of deodorant?

Then you remember the deodorant and the temperature and how that's a recipe for stinksaster and you scare the stuffin' out of your husband by shrieking, "STOP THE CAAARRRRRRRRR!!!"?

So he slams on the brakes and asks what's wrong and you tell him that he has to turn around so you can go back and put on deodorant and he looks at you like you have lost your ever lovin' mind and you say, "I have NEVER BEEN MORE SERIOUS IN MY LIFE. This is an emergency. TURN. THE CAR. AROUND!"?

And he does and you do and the stinksaster is averted but you have nearly had a cardiac infarction in that split second when you thought your husband might gun the engine laughing maniacally as he races headlong toward the lake and you would be doomed to sweating and stinking in that hot sunny sun and would never live down The Stinksaster of Aught Nine?


Oh. Never mind then.

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  1. You seriously crack me up!

  2. :)

    But he turned the car around.

    Awesome. :)

    Jeff would too. But he might roll his eyes. :)

  3. jennifer says:

    Hahaha!! Glad he turned the car around!

  4. I am laughing and my girls are looking at me like I am crazy! Funny, funny stuff.

  5. ~Mary~ 4boys4me says:

    Don't you think the deodorant was probably washed off as soon as you hit the water? Just a thought.

  6. Smockity Frocks says:

    Isn't all deodorant waterproof? I know mine is. Otherwise it would just sweat right off.

  7. I laughed so hard I'm surprised I didn't wake up all four of the napping children. wipes tears from eyes

  8. He might have been thinking worse than deoderant.

    Anyway, crisis averted. :)

  9. That's hilarious! What a good husband you have to recue you from such a disaster :)

  10. Smockity: head on over to my blog next week and check out the give-a-way. I am giving away a gift certificate to Lisa Leonard jewelry and I would love to see you or your readers have a chance at winning! Stay tuned!

  11. Glad you got your deoderant, but did you know that fruity or flowery smelling hand sanitizer can save you in a pinch? It's not a permenant fix but if you keep a little bottle in your purse it comes in handy when you need to avoid a "stinksaster" at church. Just sneek into the bathroom and use like deoderant until you can get to the real stuff.

  12. Ooooh, Connie! You crack me up! I can’t believe I have been blogging – and stalking bloggers – for 18 months and hadn’t discovered your delightful, witty, honest, real blog until this month. I’m sure it was some sort of conspiracy to ensure that Cara laughs less. Well, I have foiled the nefarious plot. Between you and Kim C., I am sure to enjoy a side-splitting belly laugh at least twice a day!

  13. Sonya VV says:

    Oh my! Yes, I’ve been very near that disastrous point. Desperate enough to stop and buy a stick of deoderant because it’s closer than driving home. Hilarious story. And thankful for waterproof antiperspirant! Thanks for the laugh.

  14. I have so been there. So much so that I started keeping a small stick of deodorant in my purse – and another in the car. The car one had better be roll-on though. Turns out, the stuff melts at temps higher than 120…

  15. Ha! That was so funny! It gave me an extra good laugh since I had to buy deodorant at a gas station on the way to a homeschool convention today. Not only did I forget to pack mine, but in all the hustle and bustle of packing and such I forgot to put mine on!


  1. Tween Talk says:

    […] One of my tweens may have fretted recently about sometimes forgetting to put on deodorant, since it is a new routine for her, and I may have shared with her that sometimes crazy grown adult women with eight children and a passion for Vanilla Dr. Peppers from Sonic forget to put on deodorant themselves and experience The Near Stinksaster of Aught Nine. […]