What's the big deal about Young Living

How to Fit in With the Young Mothers

If you get invited to a function with a group of twenty-something young mothers simply because you have a baby and regardless of the fact that you are in your forties, and you happen to end up at a table with dinner companions who are training for a triathlon and have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation because there's the whole policy you have that you run only if something scary is chasing you, DO NOT try to fill in a gap in the conversational flow by mentioning that you know all of the dance moves from "Beat It".

Because if you do, there will be a sudden and notable silence that fills the room and lots of puzzled looks and barely there shoulder shrugs and then you may as well mention that you once went sparking with Bing Crosby for all of the good that little gem of a revelation did you.

Oh yeah. I'm bad. Shamone.

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  1. ROFLOL That's funny! I'll keep that tidbit in mind.

  2. LOL!!!

    ok I'm in my 20's (alomst 29, but that's still in the 20's) and I am WAY impressed you know all the moves from beat it!

  3. ps. I agree… running is for life and death situations only! NOT for fun.

  4. Mommy Cracked says:

    Shamone!! LOL!!

  5. Louisiana Laura says:

    Tried to post a link… I think it's an operator(me) error. Laughed so hard… I am often in this predicament. Thanks so much for the visual on their faces, as you shared your 'gift'… I just told my friend today about not having but 2 channels(and of course no VCR) & she laughed so hard I think she wet her pants…
    Life is funny- thanks again- Laura

  6. Hey..I'm in my 20's and I would think you are the raddest thing since Thriller if you said that. We'd so be friends. Yeah.

  7. What is shamone?

  8. Smockity Frocks says:

    Lene, Lene, Lene,


    Apparently you haven't watched the "Bad" video 273 times, like I have, or you would KNOW that MJ says "shamone". (I think it's the ultra cool way to say "C'mon".)

  9. JunkMale says:

    This post is useless without accompanying video. Please accommodate.

  10. RaisingOlives says:

    LOL! We have some friends who have 3 young children and as we were talking we realized that the mom is closer in age to our 12 year old daughter than to me. YIKES.

    I recently took the children to the local splash pad and it really hit me, all these other moms are BABIES! No wonder they still look good in a swim suit. Me? I had on long pants and a top with short sleeves, 9 kids and 37 years will do that to you.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I would have much rather had the beat it conversation with you….bring it up next time!:)

  12. Wasn't trying to be anonymous….I am still behind in blogging ways. Anyway, I think you are hilarious and would love to hear more from you on subjects other than physical torture!:)

  13. Ok – so I went to and watched the "Bad" video for the first time. (I wasn't allowed to watch that…ahem…type of entertainment at 13) So, I always thought that the words were "You know it!" not "Shamone"!
    (very embarrassed now…)

  14. Oh my! Too funny! Glad I stumbled onto you!

    Can you come over and teach me? I promise to not stumble on you then.

    OK, OK. I promise to TRY not to stumble onto you then.