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Which is Why I’m Highly Regarded at the Bank

Yesterday, my husband called me from a very busy day at work to let me know that he needed me to take care of a little business at the bank.

I got right on the phone to do just that and was told that I would need to come down to the bank in person since it involved transferring funds from one bank to another, and I should come before 2:00 if I needed the transfer to be done that day.

I looked at the clock and thought I could make it if I rushed and there was no traffic to slow me down.

On my way out the door I took a quick peek at my face in the mirror, wiped some mustard off my chin and made a dash to Hogzilla.

When I got to the bank, in the nick of time, I took another look in the rear view mirror and decided I would look more business like and dignified if my hair didn't look like I had just stuck my finger in a socket and then flown on my broom through a wind tunnel backwards, so I twisted it up into a quick bun.

I hurriedly entered the bank and saw that all of the bank employees were dressed in a professional manner and sporting manicured nails and the latest salon hairstyles.

Boy, was I glad I caught that mustard on my chin! And I thought the bun added just the touch I needed to be taken seriously.

One of the tellers even complimented me on my sunglasses and inquired as to where I got them.

As I finished my business and turned to go, I thought to myself, "It is so nice to be able to feel confident in your appearance in a business setting, isn't it?"

That's when I noticed my reflection in the glass door and saw that I had a large "SUPER STAR" sticker on my shirt that my three year old had given me earlier. Good Grief! I'm sure that was mighty impressive to those business types.

But not as impressive as the wooden "spanky" spoon I had in my back pocket!

Apparently I don't get out much.

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  1. jennifer says:

    Haha!! You are too funny!

  2. See, now this is why I come here. I am suddenly VERY greatful that we only have one car and I cannot go to the bank in the middle of the day.

  3. we have ALL been there! haha

  4. Mrs. Reverend Doctor says:

    That’s funny! We have wooden spoons all over our house and I’m sure visitors wonder what we do with them.

  5. Aunt LoLo says:

    bwahahaha…I bet the spanky spoon instills fear in toddlers and bankers alike!!

  6. My “wisdom worker” fell out at the pediatrician’s office … don’t you know I was waiting for the tongue lashing there!

    I have naturally curly/wavy/ornery hair and so if I am home it is naturally curly/wavy/just-stuck-my-finger-in-a-light-socket.

    I always use that rear view mirror check for a quick run-through with the trusty tweezers/pliers (whichever works best). If I happen to catch some food in my teeth or condiments on my chin, I feel more than presentable!

    I don’t get out much either 😉

  7. Moms around the US are grateful that most business at the banks can be handled through the drive up! (Our bank, however, decided to put 2 way cameras in so you can still get that face to face meeting).
    Have fun this weekend at LTC.

  8. Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae says:

    hilarious. know exactly how you feel!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wash – I mean ‘exfoliate’ my face occasionally with baking soda in the shower.

    I went to the dentist the other day and realized WHEN I GOT HOME I noticed I had a white, powdery streak on my ear. Crusted over my tiny diamond stud.


    I have a particular spanky spoon at my house and people wonder what it is for. Often my mom will put it away for me in my utensil container in the kitchen. Nothing more annoying than reaching for it and then having to search the house for the one place I would never put it!

    Thanks for the mental image. :)


  10. Jon and Sarah says:

    That’s funny! :)

  11. Raising Olives says:

    I love the wisdom maker in the pocket, of course we never need to use those at our house, ahem, cough cough.


  12. watchthesky says:

    Good one. I’m totally laughing. Been there. :)

  13. I am always terrified that there’s something hanging on my clothes (that’s not supposed to be there) or there a handprint on the back of skirt from one of the kids. Oh well. I’m sure they understand!

  14. Good grief! Did you not feel that spoon when you sat down in the car??? I’ve stabbed myself with a ruler in my back pocket several times. :)

    Love it. I’m sure they didn’t talk bout you VERY much after you left. :)