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Roses and Gingham Apron

I finally got caught up on my apron orders and was printing out the packing slip so I could run a little cutie like this one to the post office.

(Except with polkadot ties.)

That's when I noticed that my customer had ordered "Strawberries and Gingham" instead of "Roses and Gingham"!

Mama's half heimers strikes again!

The good news is, if anyone would like to order a "Roses and Gingham" oilcloth apron, I can have it in the mail TODAY.

Just be the first to order (on my sidebar) and you'll be cookin' pretty in no time.

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  1. Sounds to me like it’s time for another contest…

  2. Aw, man! At least you noticed before you shipped!!

  3. I LOVE my new Roses and Gingham Apron with POLKADOT TIES!!! I was so surprised by the ties. And I LOVE EM!

  4. Smockity Frocks says:

    Thank you, Nikki. I ran out of solid red and thought those polkadots were KICKY!