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For a Clean That Sparkles

Want a sparkling clean bathroom floor and a freshly scented baby to boot?


Just simultaneously make sausage balls, help your son with his report on The Great Earthquake of 1906, dig through the garage to find the punch bowl and neglect your 13 month old who is dumping an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF BABY SHAMPOO on the bathroom floor.

For an added bonus and a stylish hairdo, don't notice that the bath tub is on the "shower" setting as you turn on the water to dilute the baby.

In equally messy news, if you tell your seven year old to prepare a sippy cup of milk to take to homeschool co-op for the baby, and you specifically ask her if she put the stopper in, and she says she did, DO NOT believe her because you may just find your new purse full of milk and an empty cup once you get there.

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  1. hahahahahaha!!

    see you in the morning! tell jackson that andrew is coming with me…

  2. “dilute the baby” lol!! MY baby would have slipped in the soap and bonked his head on the floor, which would have lead to much crying. Maybe YOUR baby is more sure-footed. Or maybe you are just faster than me. :)

    And OH NO on the milk in the purse! That could be a stinky problem – in more ways than one!

  3. heh heh. I’m so with you. Right down to the shower thingy left pulled out so that I got a wet head. Grrr. :)

  4. You had a Monday on Friday!

    NO one could make this stuff up!

  5. Kathi Bailey says:

    Have a more “uneventful” Saturday :)

    Is that possible with little ones?

    Great post!

  6. Threeundertwo says:

    I’m always looking for new ways to clean the floor, but this sounds a little complicated. . .

  7. Traci Best says:

    You made it through all that and no one is in the emergency room? LOL! Kudos!

    Traci 😉

  8. I remember having days like that. LOL!