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Help! Quick!

"Christmas Casual" at the country club

  1. Black pants with red snowflake turtleneck?
  2. Dark wash trouser jeans (okay! I caved!) with shimmery silver, french cuff, button down shirt?
  3. Prom dress from 1984?

Would you rather be too casual or too formal if you made a mistake in dress?

(By the way, I'm TOTALLY as skinny and leggy as the girl in that "trouser jean" photo.)

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  1. Do the black pants look good with the shimmery, French cuff shirt?

    With accessories you could really dress it up (then take them off if it was, you know, “too much” and slip them into your bag).

    Even by itself, black slacks with a shimmery top is simple yet elegant. IMO

    I’d rather be too dressed up instead of too casual especially for a party… HTH

  2. Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae says:

    can’t get the poll to work but i would totally go with the trouser jeans. it’s shimmery but its casual. perfect.

  3. I vote for the trouser jean/shimmer shirt combo as well. It did say casual. I’m sure whatever you decide will be fine!

  4. Go with the jeans/shimmery shirt. You will look absolutely gorgeous as always, and feel comfy on top of that!!! Have fun by the way, and take pics if you can and post about it!!! Looking forward to reading about the fun night!

  5. watchthesky says:

    Its probably too late, but I say it is always better to be a little too dressy than to be the one that isn’t dressed up enough. :) Been there done that way to often. Never again!

  6. I cast another vote for the jeans/shimmery shirt combo…sounds gorgeous! (Don’t worry, trouser jeans look great on everyone!)

  7. Well…I vote for #3!!! Then again, I have little fashion sense. So have fun at your party.

  8. Well, its probably way too late but I love those jeans!

    And I’ve been doing some last minute Christmas shopping lately. I went to the mall yesterday…..hadn’t been there in months…I didn’t buy anything for me but I sure got the shopping fever again! 😉

  9. I’m probably too late on this one, but I would go with choice #2! Now you need to post a picture of which one you chose!

  10. Jon and Sarah says:

    #2 :-)

  11. hahaha! I vote for the first one. Hope I’m not too late with my vote!

    Merry Christmas Smockity House!

  12. Absolutely Door No. 1….hands down, no questions asked…