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To The Lady at Wal Mart

Dear Lady at Wal Mart,

I suspect you saw me eyeballing your cart today. You know, the extra large one, with the capacity to seat 3 children instead of just one?

I noticed you had your son in one seat. He looked to be about 4. One seat was holding HIS SNACK and the other seat was empty.

Did you know those carts were made for holding 3 children? And while you are using it to hold your son and HIS SNACK, there may have been a lady walking around the store with, oh, I don't know, SEVEN children, mumbling under her breath about how there is a perfectly usable 3 person cart rolling around holding your son and HIS SNACK.

Now, I know individual size bags of Goldfish Crackers can be hard to handle, what with their tendency toward hyperactivity and all, and since it was nap time, those crackers were probably cranky and whiny and all manner of unmanageable, but I've heard tell that 2 year old girls and 11 month old babies can display the self same behavior, and they are, you know, HUMAN.

So, I was wondering if the next time you go to Wal Mart you could give a gal a break and leave the 3 seat carts for occupants with actual seats as opposed to bar codes.

I bet that lady with the seven children would appreciate it mightily.

Thank you,

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  1. AMEN

  2. Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae says:

    OH. I KNOW. I almost want to stalk people in the grocery store using the “wrong” cart. I’m not physically capable of shopping without my special cart. And I am not above pointing it out to management. I’ve sat in my van with my kids while somebody on staff went and hunted me up a cart. I told them if they wanted my business, they needed to have enough carts on hand to properly serve the needs of their customers. And then I made sure to glare at every mother of one I saw using the cart for FOUR. Sigh.

  3. what momma in her right mind would use one of those carts if she didn’t HAVE to?? they are a bugger to push – oh wait, maybe it’s the 150# – without any groceries- that makes it so tricky……

  4. You tell it sister! I’ve been known to not only give looks but mutter a few things in a VERY loud voice as I pass by such offenders.

  5. Ummm… our walmart doesn’t have anything BUT one-seaters. At least I’ve never seen anything bigger there! Hmph! I think somebody needs to file a complaint!

  6. Pat's Place says:

    I love it when you rant. Those stories all collected together would make a great book–“Smokity Rants” I can see it in print now with a picture on the front of a frazzled mother of seven in Wal-Mart glaring at the women with one child in a three-child cart. The picture makes me giggle! And so do your stories! With the proper illustrator, it would be a best-seller!

  7. You totally rock. I’m so glad I’m not the only mom who feels this way. I “only” have 4 kids, but the oldest just turned 6.I really really need to have both the 13 month old and the 2 YO confined to a cart. It really gets me to see a single kid riding who is bigger than my oldest!

  8. Connie,
    Thank you for the prayers! I don’t mind if you link.

    I appreciate the love and concern!

    Love, Elizabeth

  9. Yoou are so funny! I second the book idea. My first trip to the grocery store with all three recently was exciting. I obtained one of the megacarts but I couldn’t get the baby carrier to click in it’s “spot”. My 2 year old is scared of the floor at that particular store (she points to it and says something that we haven’t figured out yet). I put the baby inside the buggy (leaving room for very few groceries) and finished shopping. As I was leaving, I realized that the store had done something to their carts and I was supposed to fold the double seat down and put the carrier there – leaving the other 2 to walk on the scary floor…

  10. It wasn’t me! I absolutely refuse to allow my children to get one of those carts. It’s like pushing an armored tank through the store. Your three-seater carts are safe from the likes of me. 😉

  11. I guess I’m going to be contrary…I figure she got there first she gets to use it. Or maybe she got to the store and at that time that was the only cart INSIDE the store. Or little Johnny wanted it and she decided, for just this one time, to let him use it.

    Hmmm can you tell I only have two children…

  12. Kelly @ It's Not the Water says:

    I haven’t been grocery shopping with my children in a long time, but when my hubby was mobilized with the Army for a year I had to go grocery shopping with my then 3 children (ages 3, 2, 1) and hugely pregnant, I depended on those carts. Yet, nearly every time I went to the store, I would see them used by one child and half the time the child wanted to walk, so the mom was pushing an empty cart meant for 3 children, while I tried to shop.

  13. I have recently moved to TX, we have the store HEB. I had never seen it anywhere else I’ve lived, anyway, ALL the carts are 2-seaters! This thrills me, as I have 2 toddlers. I’m due in December with baby number three, and every time I go to the store I worry and wonder a little what we will do when we really NEED an extra seat. I didn’t know there were 4-seaters to be found! Soon enough I’ll be looking for them…haha.

  14. I have to say, I just found your blog through Nony (A Slob Comes Clean), and I love it! You’re hysterical and I love all the information you have on your site. We’re going to start homeschooling in the Fall and I’m trying to be as prepared as I can, so this is definitely a big help.

    I know this is an older post, but I just have to say that this is why I absolutely love my local grocery stores…. both of them have child care areas for children ages 3-10. My kids love to go play with their “friends” and I don’t have to attempt to shop with multiple kids.

    To Edi: I don’t mean to be rude, but I have to say, the “first come, first serve” thing shouldn’t be applied to all situations… for example, if you sit down in the last available seat in the doctors’ office and a pregnant woman walks in, I would hope you would give up your seat and not follow the “first come, first serve” rule. It’s just common courtesy. If it was the only cart available, that’s a whole other story.


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  2. […] of these 3 seater buggies is a HUGE help, if you can snag one. When our new baby is born, I will have the choice of putting her carrier in the main seating […]