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Chicken Salad

This is my favorite chicken salad recipe. I love to eat it served on a croissant with a leaf of crispy lettuce.

2 1/2 Cups diced, cooked chicken
1 Cup finely chopped celery
1 Cup sliced white grapes
1/2 Cup slivered almonds, toasted (Unless your daughter uses all the almonds in her Whole Wheat Almond Cookies. In that case, use pecans.)
2 T. minced parsley
2 tsp. salt
1 Cup Miracle Whip
1/2 Cup Cool Whip

Combine first 7 ingredients and then fold in the Cool Whip. Refrigerate.

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  1. Cool Whip Connie? I don’t know if I can put Cool Whip and Mayo in the same bowl! I am going to have to give it a try I guess because I love chicken salad but can’t make it very well maybe the cool whip is the secret ingrediant that I have been leaving out!


  2. Ha! I was going to comment on the cool whip also but Jerri beat me to it. No wonder cooking is not my specialty – people combine weird things. I’m going to give it a try – unless you want to confess that the cool whip was a typo…

  3. Smockity Frocks says:

    Girl, girls… the Cool Whip makes all the difference. Try it. You’ll thank me later.

  4. Pat's Place says:

    Yum! Sounds great! I will give it a try!

  5. OK – I made this today. I even bought croissants :). It’s pretty good but next time I will leave off the salt or cut it way down. But otherwise it was “almost” as good as The Coffee House’s chicken salad in Pampa.

  6. My friend taught me to use half mayo and half sour cream. She also serves it on King’s Hawaiian Bread. It’s to die for.