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Portrait Results

Remember when I blogged about getting our family portrait taken?

Lest you think I was exaggerating about the difficulty in getting 7 children to look angelic at the same time, here is photographic evidence of the situation.

In this first photo, we have the 8 year old (back row) apparently remembering the time our dog was run over by a car.

Here we have the 2 year old and the 4 year old (in the front row) who have conspired to make a break for it and flee the scene.

This is what happens when a 6 year old is distracted by her sister's determination to make her arms into a perfect rectangle. The baby is shocked!

This is the final product we chose. We actually paid cash money for this one. Notice that we finally gave up trying to get a smile from the 2 year old.

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  1. Pat's Place says:

    Oh my! I remember those days! And it has not gotten any better. When my 4 boys are together now and we try to get a picture they revisit their childhood ways and are worse than ever! They are uncontrolable! Great effort though!

  2. Oh, those pics are sooo sweet. What a beautiful family!
    Hey, guess what arrived in the mail this week? The Christmas Shoeboxes you sent! :) Now I get to listen to the little ones ask me “is it time to pass them out yet?” about 33 times a day :)

  3. Those are GREAT pictures! :) Good job! (Oh, I dislike so much getting the dreaded family picture done. I will do almost anything to avoid it.)

  4. I can totally relate. Last year we had kids taking off in all directions, and we only had 5 to corral. The photographer only got 2 shots before we all decided that an evening photo shoot was a bad idea. On the bright side, when she called 2 days later to reschedule, she was amazed that one of those shots was a keeper. Everyone was smiling or something close. I wasn’t thrilled with how I looked, but chose to keep that pic instead of dealing with getting all together again. By that point the tee shirts we had bought for the shoot were already stained or balled up under someones bed anyway. Beautiful family!!

  5. You also look like you’re grinding your teeth! LOL! :-)

  6. I always take pictures of the 5 cousins every summer during cousin camp. My motto is “It’s not a good photo shoot unless everybody is mad at me!”

  7. One Christmas growing up my Dad tried and tried to set the camera to get a good picture but he never could get into place before it went off. My brother, 22 years old at the time (I was 8) finally tried. My Dad has a large frown on and my brother has a big lean going from trying to jump into the pic before it snapped. It’s my favorite family photo! Ever tried a collage? LOL We have kids from 16-1 and the 16 year old is special needs with NO attention span. We did a collage for Valentines day. Picked the best recent pictures and people loved them!