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Okay, so here are the blogs I have nominated so far for the 2008 Homeschool Blog Awards.

Seeking Faithfulness - I nominated Holly for the ‘Live-What-You-Believe’ Homeschool Blog, and it isn't just because she has promised one of her sons to one of my daughters in marriage either.(Don't think I will forget, Holly. You raise 'em right, now, y'hear?) She homeschools eight children while baking her own bread and canning the produce from her garden, for crying out loud! All the while, she still has time to inspire and encourage us with her deep thoughts. You're rootin' tootin' she lives what she believes!

The Common Room - I nominated these great folks for Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog. Deputy Headmistress does a fantastic job at keeping us informed of what is going on all around the globe. Have you read her round up of all the FLDS news? Very thorough! As is all the election coverage.

The Lockwoods - Best Homeschool Mom is the nomination I gave Jaynee. She is expecting #12 and shares lots of pictures of her smiling children helping around the house, passing out Bibles to neighbors, doing school work, and generally being blessings.

How about you? Tell us who you have nominated and why and maybe we'll all find some great new blogs to read.

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  1. Lockwoods says:

    Hey…another box arrived here today from the Smockity home :)
    Thank you for the nomination although I don’t really know much about awards and such :) We just love sharing what the Lord has done/is doing in our lives and in the lives of the people to whom He’s called us.
    Have a wonderful week in Him!

  2. Thank you, Connie. That is so nice of you!

    I sent your box of bears today, finally! :) The box itself has been through several moves…so it looks a little worse for the wear. :) Hopefully all will arrive well, though.

    (Hey…now that I think about it this award thingy maybe sounds like I bribed you….)

  3. Thanks for the recipe!