What's the big deal about Young Living


As I am packing up our entire household, I keep running into old photos, and I can't help stopping to remember days gone by.

Here is one I found of us kids fishin' for crawdads with our Paw-Paw.

I'm the cute one.

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  1. Aren’t old pictures the best?

    Recently, cleaned some out…glad my hair isn’t that big any more

    hee hee

  2. Jennifer McRae says:

    Whatever, sis, we were all cute then… lol. You just love to make me cry from the good memories, don’t ya’?

  3. awww – I just love the “old” pictures. (Sadly, I too now have “old” pictures. lol )

    I would have been 9 days old when that picture was taken. :)

    Looks like a fun time and wonderful memory.

  4. Please email me your new address. I have beaded some socks for MaddieLynn made of better quality socks. :)

  5. Okay, I hadn’t been checking in because I thought you were on a break! Please tell the birthday girl happy birthday from all of us:)