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Biting the Bullet


I'm finally doing it.

After moving all of our baby boy clothes and big boy clothes across the state 3 times, hoping for another baby boy, I am finally getting rid of them.


Of course, knowing how things go with me, this means I will be having a baby boy within the next year.

(If you know where I live, and want to look through them, call me before Thursday!)

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  1. Burn all of your maternity clothes, too. You’ll probably have boy triplets. JK By the time my pregnancies were over, I was always so tired of wearing stuff that looked like it came from Omar the Tent Makers, I joked about having a bonfire on the front lawn and burning it!
    Sooz in the Tules

  2. Mommy Cracked says:

    I did that last year and was shocked at how sad I felt. *sniff*

  3. Homeschoolin' hot-rodders says:

    I don’t know about you…but I love to yard sale for baby clothes :) They are always so cheap and hardly used (many of them anyway). Look at it as an “opportunity to yard sale”….the NEXT time :) At least tht is how I have to look at it from my own standpoint :)


  4. Hey, I might want to look at the baby clothes FOR MEGAN (NOT ME!) 😉 if you have any winter things for newborn till whenever the season ends, 6 months I think for her? The only time would be Wednesday so I’ll get in touch with you tomorrow I guess.

  5. gulp.

    Are you at least going to keep your very very favorites?

  6. Faithseed says:


    Oh, I just can’t do that…not yet.

  7. that’s so funny… i am totally the opposite. I always get rid of everything immediately. example… our Christmas tree comes down in the afternoon on December 25th. i’m the complete opposite of a pack rat. It makes my husband crazy because i always toss out things we eventually need.

  8. Aw. That’s so hard to do. I did that when I was six months pregnant with my daughter and my son was 1 1/2. I cried and cried. My husband convinced me that if we had another boy I could go yard-saling or check out sales at stores. We’ve had two boys since then. But I REFUSE to get rid of my baby girl clothes. They are just too darn cute to not use again. A baby girl better come to our family soon. I’m getting all sorts of antsy making all these adorable tiny beaded socks.