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Easy, Elegant Pony Tails

Here is a super quick and easy hairstyle that I like to give my girls for special occasions. I even wore my hair in this style to a wedding a few years ago. It couldn't be simpler and always brings lots of compliments.

First, use a hair band to make a loose pony tail.

Then, use your thumb and forefinger to part the hair in the center from underneath.

Bring the pony tail up and grab it with your thumb and finger.

Then, pull it down through the part you made.

Simply elegant!

That's what Works For Me. Check out two of my most popular Works For Me posts here and here. Then go to Rocks In My Dryer for more great tips.

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  1. Thats gorgeous love it!

  2. The Happy Housewife says:

    Those are super pretty. I have two little girls with long hair. I can’t wait to try it on them.

  3. kawaii crafter says:

    very clever, I’ll have to remember that

  4. I do this with my daughter. You can do it backwards, too. Instead of turning the hair down and pulling it through, push it UP through the part. It makes for a sassy & fun pony! :)

  5. Shari Ellen says:

    Oh. I forgot about this. About 23 years ago, I did this to my hair when I was in high school. My girls are going to want to do this to their hair.

  6. Very lovely! Too bad a certain little four year old recently hacked her own hair. I will try it though tomorrow and see if her hair is long enough for it to work. Great pics!

  7. JanMary says:

    Well illustrated!

    I do this with my daughters too, and the opposite version as well.

    Do you have any other long hair suggestions? I like their hair tried back for school – but we are currently stuck with high pony-tail, or low pony-tail with the occasional plait thrown in.

  8. MomOnTheGo says:

    My daughter, who is nearly 4, has worn pony tails in her hair since she was about 9 months old. When she was a year or 2, I tried this but haven’t in a long time. Thanks for the reminder. (And thanks for the inspiration for next week’s WFM.)

  9. We had a gadget to do that called a Topsy Tail. I’ll have to try it without because that topsy tail was something from the 80s and is long gone!

  10. ohhhhh yeah, i forgot about that hair style. i used to put my little girls’ hair up like all the time. i will have to try that again on emmiko

  11. Blue Castle says:

    I don’t have a girl, but I do my hair like this sometimes. It is really nice. It looks so pretty in your daughter’s hair.

  12. craftymom says:

    We also do this upside down so we have a sassy ponytail! My girls love the way it looks, though sometimes it’s painful when pulling the hair through…any tips for that?

  13. Too cute! We’ll have to try that sometime!

  14. Heather says:

    So pretty and very easy too ~ I can’t wait to do my daughter’s hair in fancy ways! Thank you for sharing the tip. Blessings ~ Heather

  15. forbetterforworseforlife says:

    I love doing this hairstyle on my girls. My hair is a bit shorter, so once thing I’ve done (for weddings, in fact) is to poke only about halfway rather than pushing all the way through, creating a sort of pocket. Then I tuck the ends of the ponytail inside (you have to kind of squish it into the sides of the pocket too, just to get it all in there. I conceal the entry “wound” and the ponytail holder with a big, wide clip just above the pocketful of hair. It looks a bit like a casual Gibson Girl.

    Thanks for the reminder! It’s too easy to get stuck in a hair rut. :)


  16. Audra Marie says:

    Oh – we haven’t done that in a while. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  17. Love it! I used to do this to my hair all the time when i was younger. Also the paper plate craft the girls did tonight in class – that is their memory verse on the bottom. Hope you all had a good evening. :)

  18. This is so cute! I’m so glad you did step by step pictures, because if you hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to get it, really, I am so hair impaired. Now, can you teach me to french braid?!!

  19. Colleen says:

    Thanks for the picture tutorial. Will have to try this before I get my hair cut this weekend.

  20. MaddieLynn says:

    Craftymom, Hmmm, my girls don’t complain of it hurting them. Maybe the pony tail is too tight to start with (?)

  21. Smockity Frocks says:

    That was The Mom, not The Daughter in the previous comment.