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Birthday Chicks

A birthday chick holding a birthday chick! So far, this little guy is the only one. We're hoping the others will make an appearance tonight.

This chick turned four today!

MaddieLynn and I worked on this cake together. We still need a little a lot of practice, but we enjoyed using our cake decorating skills.

Everyone enjoying watching the chick eat ladybugs!

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  1. Harmony says:

    Happy birthday to the two chicks. :-)

    I think the two of you did a wonderful job on the cake! Honestly, I’m really impressed.

  2. Pat's Place says:

    The cake is gorgeous! And I can hardly believe she is four. I remember seeing her as a tiny infant. Have I known you that long? Amazing!

  3. Thehotrod5 says:

    AWW! My littlest one turns four next month….4 is such a big number! They are both soooo cute. And by the way….I think that cake looks GREAT!….that’s way more talent than I have!


  4. Happy birthday Kathryn! That’s so neat that the chick hatched. :) And I totally agree with everyone else – that cake is beautiful! :)

  5. Meliss says:

    Your cake is very pretty. Well done!

  6. New Mom says:

    I love the cake! It is very understated and pretty with the tiny buds.

  7. Sileena says:

    The cake is beautiful! Happy birthday little chicks!