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Some Good Reads

I have been posting sparsely as of late because, as it turns out, when a can of Dr. Pepper spews onto a computer keyboard, it causes the question mark, the space bar, and the "P" to stick, which, in turn, causes my pppppppppppposts tolook a littlelike this. Who would wantto read a pppppppppppost likethat?????????????//////////////////////////////////////

I have ordered anew keyboard andshould be getting it soon. In the meantime, here are a few reads I have foundinteresting:

Note to CPS: An excellent review of how our constitutional rights are in jeopardy.

The Common Room also has excellent up to the minute details of the FLDS case in Texas.

Bloggy Giveaways: FREE STUFF!!

How I Became Pro-Life: A beautifully written account of one woman's journey from being staunchly pro-choice to being pro-life. Click on her links only if you are prepared to read the heartbreaking truth of how unwanted babies are killed.

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  1. Jennifer F. says:

    Thank you so much for the link.

  2. mindyluwho says:

    Hi. It’s the stalker who visited your site over 100,00 times!

    I just got done reading the links to the FLDS and my heart is hurting for those children and their mothers.