What's the big deal about Young Living


When I pulled up to pick up the three oldest kids from work, my 8 year old bounded into the van and immediately let out an extremely loud belch. I gasped and she said, "Excuse me, Mommy, but Daddy let me drink a WHOLE CUP OF COFFEE! I LOVE COFFEE, MOMMY! IT MAKES ME FEEL HAPPY AND HOPPY AND HAPPILY HOPPY! AND...LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS! AREN'T THEY BEAUTIFUL, MOMMY?

Thanks, Honey.

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  1. Hee,hee you gotta love coffee and the dads that give it to them:)

  2. Haha! That’s so funny b/c my brother was actually calmer and more focused when my dad and grandma started giving him coffee. However, knowing 8 yr old I doubt it will work out the same for you! ;o)

  3. LOL! Everyone knows 8 year olds need an extra dose of energy right? hehehe

  4. Sasha @ Cherished Moments says:

    This is hilarious — from a distance. If Brad ever tries this when Miss 15 months grows up, there will be trouble!

  5. Mom2ThreeAdoptedSibs says:

    Oh glory! LOL! That is SO funny! Sounds like something my dh would do! :)