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My Latest Drawing

Here is one of my latest drawings before and after I colored it with a pencil. If you want to print the outline to color it yourself, you can.

Before coloring:

After coloring:

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Click on the shaded picture to go to my Howrse page. I put a Statcounter on it, but I'm not sure if it's working.

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  1. da halls says:

    That is awesome. Great job.
    Mrs. Mary Beth Hall

  2. Lockwoods says:

    Good Job! That was sure sweet for you to post one we can print up and color…my children will love it!

  3. What a beautiful drawing, Maddie Lynn! And thank you for sharing it — I know of a few young ladies who would love to color it in!

  4. I love it, Maddie Lynn! God has surely given you a talent!