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Half Price Steaks

Mr. Smockity was chatting with a manager at our local United Supermarket about some great deals he had recently found in the meat department. The manager revealed that every morning at 7:00, the meat department reduces prices on meat that is set to expire in the next two days. These items are then placed in the same area labeled "Big Savings" each day.

My husband, ever the frugal shopper, has been delighted to find cuts of Rib Eye or New York Strip steak for prices less than the cost of a Sirloin. He has also picked up a good Sirloin for less than the cost of stew meat on that particular day.

(**Have I mentioned that my husband loves to go grocery shopping? How many people do you know that chat up the meat manager? Gotta love him!)

There you have my Frugal Friday tip: Check with the manager of the meat department of your favorite grocery store to see how they handle the soon-to-expire meat. You might just find yourself a source for half price steaks.

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**Note approved by hubby: Anyone out there wishing your husband would do the grocery shopping should know...he doesn't do yard work.

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  1. Homeschool Housewife says:

    Great tip!! I love that your husband found it and loves to grocery shop. I have to say though I would rather do the grocery shopping then mow. :)

  2. My husband grocery shops, too. He even does coupons. :)

  3. BarbaraLee says:

    DH came across a good deal at Sams this week too. $1.81 lb for hamburger. You had to buy 80lb case to get that price. But we couldn’t pass up that deal. Normally my dh cost me money when he shops w/me. He has been noticing the price of food lately and is shocked. I was so happy he agreed to get chickens for butchering this year. He is thinking of building a coop for laying hens. I would love to have my own eggs.

  4. Our local Sam’s Club has started putting out reduced price meat first thing in the morning, every morning, according to what one of the sample ladies told me. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take them long to sell it all – and we usually go in the afternoon!

    We’re going early this morning for an eye appointment, I’m hoping they’ll have something good out today that I can actually get.

  5. Thanks for the tip! Hubby always finds our deals there sporadically so this is a great help – get there early! :)

  6. Pat's Place says:

    Our grocery store does the same thing and it really pays to be there early to get some good deals at 50% off1 Our store has also begun a “discontinued items” shelf with some good buys–especially spices!

  7. There might be a pattern to that. My husband goes grocery shopping with me also. But, I can see weeds/wildflowers growing all over our yard…

  8. The Estrogen Files says:

    Hubbers has no idea how much stuff costs since I can’t drag him into ANY store with me other than the thrift store (we love that). He’s all over that $2 sunglasses but can’t understand $12 for a pair of running/exercise pants at Target. Needless to say, I grocery shop. And do the lawn…

  9. We love the discounted meat section at United and stock up there regularly. The one here also has a discounted bakery sections where I can stock up on bagels, muffins, bread, etc. And I’ve also found which day each week they put the items in these sections, usually on Friday is the most here, and I go early in the morning to get the best pick!! Great tip:)

  10. Jennifer says:

    My husband does our grocery shopping, too. I can’t say that he enjoys it that much, but he’s quite the penny pincher so we actually stay under budget when he shops (as opposed to me, who is anything but a penny pincher).

    He doesn’t “do” yard work either. Interesting.


  11. Happy face says:

    Our local Sam’s Club does the same thing as Melanie’s. The lady stocking the meat counter filled me in on it. She, too, warned me to get there early especially on Mondays.