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Photo Hunt: Heavy

Here are a couple of old pictures of MaddieLynn holding our third child. I immediately thought of these photos when I saw that the Photo Hunt theme was "heavy".

This little heavy weight is turning 8 years old tomorrow. It is amazing how mother's milk can make a baby so healthy!

I'll post a birthday picture soon to show that she grew to be a nice normal size.

Go to Photo Hunt for more pictures.

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  1. Oh my, both are so cute, so adorable.

  2. ancient one says:

    They are so cute!!

  3. Bonggamom says:

    I love roly-poly babies, they are so adorable, and once they start walking they all slim down anyway. Your smocks and frocks are so cute, by the way.

  4. Great photos. Both girls are adorable.

  5. Oh my goodness, their hair is so dark! These are really cute photos! Of course I will try to email the pictures by tomorrow! Sorry I didn’t do it earlier.


    Oh my goodness,….very heavy load to cart around. Am glad she outgrew that. Have a good weekend.

  7. pretty babies!!!!

  8. Adorable pictures. These are memories to treasure.

  9. A Hopeful Hollar says:

    I just want repeat what Linz said! I just don’t remember thier hair being so dark. As for the heavy, I do remember, though it’s hard to believe by looking at her now.

  10. As soon as I saw the top of the picture, I said in my head “Hey, that’s Maddie-Lynn!”

    And it WAS! :-)

    My boys were all sumo babies, too. The oldest had five not-so-little rolls between his diaper and his knee. And all from breastmilk!